Two things that will forever be true: I will never be able to resist a classic cupcake or piece of cake, and if it’s slathered in homemade buttery frosting (bonus points of it’s pink), then hand it over. Those two truths combined make up just some a few of the reasons why Billy’s Bakery is one of my favorite sweet spots in all of NYC. I’ve actually been visiting their shop for well over 10 years, since they opened back in 2003! Growing up my brother and I found ourselves in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan (now most famous for its proximity to The High Line), quite often because our Dad had a place there. I vividly remember making a pilgrimage with my Dad and brother to sample all their sweet cakes and cupcakes when the shop first opened opened.

Though they’ve opened numerous locations since then, the Chelsea spot still carries such nostalgia. I was absolutely thrilled that they allowed us to take an inside peak of this space a few weeks back! From the pastel yellow and green branding, to the 1940s style bake shop décor, Billy’s consistently steals my heart. And we haven’t even talked about the baked goods! Just the most heavenly creations you can ever imagine… from classic cupcakes and layer cakes to pies, brownies, cookies, and even some savory items.

Click through to view all their tantalizing baked goods and find out which shop is closest to you in the city…

Billy’s is located at 184 9th Avenue in Manhattan, but also has locations in Tribeca and the Plaza Hotel. Drop in to pick up freshly made cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, pies, and more of all kinds, or custom order something for your event! They make the most beautiful layer cakes for parties. Enjoy!

All photographs by Sasithon Photography

  1. I love this post! I’ve only been to Billy’s in Chelsea once, and now I’d love to re-visit them. I didn’t know they had other locations, but the one in Chelsea is so cute. Can’t wait to go back…craving a cupcake now!

  2. Billy’s is definitely home to my favorite cupcakes in NYC. They’re just so yummy!

    • Clara

      Totally! Their baked goods are so darling.

  3. i LOVE Billy’s! A friend of mine used to work there and would always bring me back cupcakes when I had bad days. I got so spoiled! I had no idea they had other locations now!

    • Clara

      That’s a really good friend to have!

  4. La Torontoise

    Dear Clara, I am in NYC right now. For the last few days, I’ve got plenty of chances to explore the places you recommended in this blog (NYC Eats). Thank you so much! Love this bakery.
    Have a great summer time!

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