I’m so excited to share the next restaurant in my NYC Eats series! This time we headed to Buttermilk Channel in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn.

I first ventured to Buttermilk Channel a few years back, when my friend Carey insisted we go for their buttermilk fried chicken (naturally). And while the chicken was nothing short of amazing, what brings me back time and again is the way this restaurant feels; it feels like home. Every time I step inside that big deep blue door and am greeted by their sweet staff, I feel at ease. Add in consistently incredible food, and you’ve got one of my favorite restaurants in the entire city. That’s why I was so excited to pay a special visit to the restaurant, snap some beautiful pictures courtsey of my girl Sas, and get to know the brilliant owner and chef behind Buttermilk Channel a little bit more. 

{Popovers with Honey Butter and Sea Salt… to die for!}

Despite growing up in Manhattan, owner Doug Crowell chose Brooklyn for Buttermilk Channel because of its neighborhoods. Doug shared, “Brooklyn neighborhoods are like small towns; there is a real sense of community here. I wanted a restaurant that would be a hub for one of those communities, a second family for staff and customers alike. I’m happy to say that is exactly what has happened, to an extent that I could never have imagined before we opened. ”  Isn’t that wonderful?

{Roasted Squash Tart with House-Made Buttermilk Ricotta and Brown Butter Vinaigrette}

The decor of this restaurant has such soul. One of my favorite parts is the gorgeous communal table that sits at the back of the space, which coincidentally was designed by Doug’s friend Ralph Gorham, now owner of the Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn (he also constructed the bar- so cool!). Given my love for the decor, I was intrigued to find out that Doug didn’t have much money to build with, or any professional interior design help to assist with the construction of the space. It had to be simple. So through a combination of attractive and dimmed lighting, exposed brick, warm ceiling and wall colors, he created a truly rich and inviting space. I literally feel like I’m dining in the comfort of a best friend’s home, with the highest taste for cuisine, every time I go.

 {Parsley- Crusted New England Hake with Butter Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Cherry Peppers, and Green Olives}

Ya’ll know I love a restaurant that’s forthcoming with its purveyors, and naturally, Buttermilk Channel shines in this respect. Chef Ryan Angulo shared how closely they work with their food sources, from those that are right down the street making their pasta and sausage, to the folks catching their wild fish directly off the coast of Rhode Island. They work their fish specials and dishes directly around what the fisherman are actually catching, and purveyors are growing. That’s the way it should be!

{Doug’s Famous Pecan Pie Sunday}

Like the décor of the space, the “less is more” attitude applies to the food as well. Chef  Ryan made clear that when the ingredients are so good to begin with and naturally taste great on their own, all you really want to do is help bring out that flavor. My favorite bites and dishes tend to be the simplest ones- the cornbread with chile lime butter, the salad greens with lime juice and olive oil, and the duck meatloaf are all must haves. Definitely get those dishes along with their fried chicken, the pasta dish of the night, and a slew of desserts when you go!

Huge thanks to Jennifer, Doug, and Ryan at Buttermilk Channel for giving us a sneak peek inside their restaurant! Buttermilk Channel is located at 524 Court Street in Brooklyn.  They’re open for brunch and dinner, and if you can, get yourself to their Monday night prix fixe three course dinner. It’s the best way to kick off the week.

All photographs by Sas of Sasithon Photography. Sas does weddings, engagement shoots, travel photography, lifestyle, and more. Be sure to check out her amazing work if you’re in need of a photographer!

  1. I’ve been dying to go to Buttermilk Channel! The other dishes look wonderful, but I don’t think I could go to a place lauded for their fried chicken and not dive into that! I had no idea it was so pretty in that restaurant. Nice series for us locals-thanks!

  2. One of my favorite, favorite restaurants I’ve ever been to. I definitely agree with you that it feels like home. I moved out of NYC last year and miss this place so much!

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  4. pve

    looks simply scrumptious.
    hope you are well. your photos are gorgeous!

  5. This looks downright heavenly! Thanks for sharing this great spot!

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