Can we just make Friday the day where I post pictures of small children? They’re sooo cute! And this one’s outfit. I mean, I need it.

This week kind of knocked me on my feet… I am exhausted! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that we have zero- read it, zero plans- on the calendar this weekend. And I’m also thinking that vacation to Mexico really can’t come soon enough. Thank you all so much for your recommendations- they’re going to make trip planning about a million times easier. Other than getting some trip things organized this weekend I’m looking forward to a date with my couch and loads of fall television to catch up on, and some fun day/dinner dates with Brandon. It’s crazy how even when you live with someone (not to mention in such close quarters), it’s necessary to actually make time to spend with one another. I’m off to wrap up the last of my work and meetings, but here are a few fun things from this week….

Have a great weekend-thanks so much for reading this week! xx

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  1. It’s so true. As I type this my husband is working in a different room while I’m in my office working. That’s us this weekend!

  2. The sweet little girl in that photo is more fashionable than me! Seriously, I need to step up my game! Hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend!

  3. Oh I LOVE Sidesaddle Kitchen! I discovered it via The Boss Mag, and follow it regularly now. Loved the tart video. I like her Instagram pics as well- quirky and fun!

  4. La Torontoise

    Zero plans… After two weekends out of town to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we are this weekend at home with zero plans. I’m facing a deadline next Monday and must work to get my part of the job done by then. My husband is running errands long overdue…
    The key fun activity over the weekend will be an Italian friend’s family cooking demo for us:-))
    The menu is a surprise, which boost the fun factor of the evening: -)))

    Take care and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Sometimes no weekend plans are just the best plans. Excited to see your new site– the preview looks gorgeous.

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