I have a few staple  products I’ve been so into lately that I wanted to share with you guys. The days are long and the weekends short, so relishing in these simple things helps me relax throughout the day.

The first is that glaring box of Bioré pore strips- I can’t help it! But seriously, who does not secretly love these things? I struggle with clogged pores, but slapping one of these babies on each week really helps. Plus the whole process is so gratifying (and yes, you know what I mean). The next are two of my favorites from One Love Organics- the Neroli Aromatic Body Serum and the Vitamin D Active Moisture Release Mist. The body serum was my first experience utilizing a body oil instead of lotion, and I gotta say- I much prefer it to lotion. This one in particular goes on so easily and soaks right in. The Neroli scent is soft and citrus-y. This bottle is actually empty! I plowed right through it. The moisture mist is a completely new to me product, sweetly thrown into my last order by the folks at OLO. I spray it on my face and neck before I put on my their face balm. Ever since I started using it my skin has been much more balanced in tone and coloration- and I’d even say I’ve had less breakouts. A total win win. And lastly, some love for my cuticles, which I consistently bite at. Yep, I have that habit. But this Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream has really helped. I love massaging it into my nails and hands right before I go to bed. The lemony scent is really soothing.

That’s what’s up! Any products you’ve been loving lately I need to know about?

  1. I love hearing about the beauty products people are loving–I haven’t tried most of these! Lately, I’m hooked on a charcoal face mask from Origins. It totally rocks!

  2. I’m obsessed with OLO products and can’t live without that mist! The cleansing oil is my favorite though - it’s just the best. I want to try that cuticle cream - mine have felt dry lately as the weather gets cooler.

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