What a gorgeous space — I love the industrial feeling and the lofty ceilings.


For some reason, I can’t get this cake out of my head. It might have something to do with chocolate chip pancakes being my favorite thing ever.


Dressing down a skirt with a cozy sweatshirt and sneakers sounds like the ideal situation to me. Perhaps this sweatshirt would be a good place to start?


A gallery display usually spreads out over an entire wall, but I love this compact approach.


I almost never wear hats, but this one is calling my name.


Brass accents seem to add warmth to any room.

flats 2

As I part with my sandals for the next two seasons, I’m ready to jump into fall flats. I love these and these. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to know!

  1. Those cut-out flats are to die for! Love the subtle metallic colour :)

    • Agreed! They actually come in a bunch of colors, but the silver is definitely my favorite.

  2. Those flats are gorgeous! I need to invest in a new pair this season. And I am dying over that cake too! It makes me think of the chocolate chip muffins I used to buy at the mall when I was a kid - favorite EVER.

    • So good, right? The next time I have a reason to bake a cake, I think it will be this one.

    • Why thank you! Happy to have you as a reader.

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  4. I cannot stop thinking about Baked Bree’s cake either …. want to be her neighbor!

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