Visiting the blog Lark & Linen is like enjoying a cup of hot tea- warm, inviting, and oh so cozy. I’ve been following Jacquelyn’s beautiful blog for longer than I can remember, but every time I visit I get lost in her beautiful posts- whether it’s a gorgeous interior or delicious dish. So naturally, she had to be our next girl crush! Read on to learn about how she got the fabulous job of heading up Style Me Pretty Living (yep that’s her job!), how she decompresses from a social media fueled work life, the chapstick she can’t live without, and more…

I absolutely love the design and aesthetic of Lark & Linen! Did you design it yourself? When did you start your blog?
Thank you so much! I’ve been blogging for just over three years now (wow, saying that “out loud” is crazy! It feels like I just started). I actually hired graphic designer Aprile Elcich a year and a half ago to come up with the design. I still can’t believe how perfectly she captured the look I was after! She’s the best. Seriously.

What prompted you to get into blogging?
I feel like this is the most obvious answer and we’ve all heard it a hundred and one times, but I started Lark & Linen as a result of feeling under stimulated at work. At the time, I was only two years out of university and I was working for an architect in downtown Toronto. The office culture was amazing, the people I worked with are still some of my closest friends, but the work I was doing really just didn’t inspire me (I was working on government offices for the most part). I craved that creative outlet and instead of whining about it, decided to take matters into my own hands.

You have the glorious job of working for Style Me Pretty! But before we dive into that- you used to be an interior designer- how did you get into that career?
I’m actually still practicing interior design on the side! I’m only taking on one client at a time due to time constraints (aka a serious lack of said time!), but I feel like it’s necessary for my sanity. I’ve been obsessed with all things design my entire life. I vividly remember getting excited about going to new friends birthday parties so that I could see how their homes were laid out and decorated. I would then race home and re-draw their floor plans (I’m still weirdly obsessed with floor plans). Yeah, I wasn’t the most “normal” seven year old around.

In terms of my career path, I studied Environmental Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. After interning at an architecture firm during my last year of University, I was lucky enough to be offered a full time job upon graduation. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Ok now we can talk about Style Me Pretty- how’d you start working there? What’s your job like?
I can confidently say that I have the best job in the entire world. The hours are long, the pace is ridiculous (we are constantly going a mile a minute), but it’s so rewarding, so creative and I’ve truly never been happier!

In terms of my involvement, I was actually travelling through Ireland last September when I received an email from THE Abby Larson (cue hyperventilation). She informed me of this new undertaking the Style Me Pretty brand was working on, told me she had been reading my blog (even more hyperventilation), thought I’d make a great fit and asked if I would be interested in being a part of it. It was the best blogging moment of my life! The thought of leaving the world of interior design in the traditional sense was slightly terrifying, but I just had a gut feeling that it was an opportunity I needed to take.

Given you work from home, how how do balance work and personal life?
Honestly? It’s hard. Because my work, my computer and my office are so accessible (ahem, three steps away at all times, thank you condo living!) it’s so easy to work almost constantly. I’ve only been doing this for 10 months so I’m still trying to find that balance. So far I’ve determined that it’s imperative for me to get up, actually get dressed and sit at my desk (no matter HOW tempting it is to get cozy on the couch). Keeping that separation has really helped. In addition, when I am “offline” (i.e.: weekends), I’m learning to become very good at being in the moment and really shutting my work brain up.

Having a job that revolves around blogging and social media can be ever demanding. How do you decompress?
Is it weird that I decompress while working on Lark & Linen? I find it so relaxing! In addition, I don’t put pressure on myself to stay active on social media. You might notice that I go through phases where I tweet ten things and post four instagram photos in one day, and then you might not hear from me for a while. It’s easy to get sucked in and feel as if you need to be making your mark at every minute of every day, but I’d much rather post when I really have something to share. It feels more authentic and people typically respond better that way anyhow. Win-win!

What’s your daily routine like?
For the most part, I typically wake up around 7:45 and make myself a cup of tea before getting dressed. I’ll then log on around 8:30, check on my Lark & Linen post that had gone up earlier, and catch up on my favorite morning reads. From 9:00-1:00 I’m writing posts, responding to questions, setting up photo shoots, handling all things social media for SMP Living and any other multitude of different activities. I try to take a half an hour lunch most days (where I maybe kind of sort of watch the last half of The Young & the Restless – hello guilty pleasure!) before getting back to it. If I’m feeling stir crazy, I often head out to the coffee shop around the corner from me for the afternoon. It’s then much of the same thing, rinse, lather, repeat until 6:30-7:00 each evening! At that point, my boyfriend and I usually make dinner together and catch up on one of our shows (right now we’re completely obsessed with Orange is the New Black). I’ll then finish up my own post for Lark & Linen and work on anything outstanding I have to do for my freelance design job. I try to instill a “no electronics after 11:00 pm” rule but that doesn’t always work out. And I try to be fast asleep by midnight. This whole blogging thing isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem – ha!

Three products you can’t live without: My computer, loose leaf tea and palmers cocoa butter swivel stick chapstick (obsessed!)

Something about you most people wouldn’t realize or know: I like to pride myself on my advice giving abilities! I seem to be my friends go-to for any life help and I love it. I’m good at doling it out, not so great at taking it myself though, I must admit.

 The thing you’re most looking forward to this fall: Ugh am I totally annoying if I say cozy scarves and knee-high boots? I know. I want to roll my eyes at myself. But they make me happy!

Thank you Jacquelyn! I loved learning more about you. Be sure to add Lark & Linen to your must read blog list- stat!

All photos courtesy of Lark & Linen.

  1. I love this series of yours–and Jacquelyn’s blog is one of my daily reads. You’re right–it does feel like a little morning escape/coffee break all wrapped into one! And can I just say I’m suppperr jealous of her new ventures with SMP Living. She’s doing an amazing job!

  2. I love love love this series and I love Jacquelyn’s blog. Always such a great source of inspiration!

    • Clara

      I love hearing that! Thanks, Christin :) xx

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  5. I’m a huge fan of Lark and Linen, and I think Jacquelyn has such a wonderful aesthetic and photography skills. Her job sounds amazing! Loved this post.

  6. Jacquelyn is truly the sweetest! I completely agree, stopping by her blog is like curling up with a blankie and a cup of tea :) So great to learn more about her (also obsessed with Orange is the New Black, J!).

  7. Such a great Q+A, loved getting to know her more!! Jacquelyn is one of my favorite bloggers!

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