Channeling Contessa lunch-1

1. Box Appétit / 2. Beeswrap sandwich wrap / 3. enamel canisters / 4. striped napkin / 5. waxed canvas lunch bag  / 6. bento box / 7. water bottle / 8. utensil set / 9. stainless steel sandwich box

Out of all the meals in a day — and yes, mid-morning tea and afternoon snack totally count — lunch is probably my least favorite. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but most of the time I feel like it’s more of a bother than anything else. If I’m home, I’ll generally just ignore the notion of lunch, and snack here and there. And if I’m faced with taking something to work, it often feels like more thought and planning than it’s worth.

Since fall is the perfect season to re-evaluate your lunch philosophy, I think it’s time we shook up our routines a bit. With back to school season upon us, there are more than enough lunch recipes and products to spark your creativity. After all, if a well-fed stomach isn’t motivation enough to pack lunch, then perhaps these lunch accessories will do the trick. (I personally love the idea of taking a cloth napkin, and lunch-specific silverware!)

What are your lunch secrets? Obviously I could use the inspiration : )

  1. La Torontoise

    Would I surprise you if I say I have no plastic lunchbox? Somehow, in my life things happened in a way that gave me little chance to become a lunchbox fan.

    In the office, I usually buy my lunch at the organic stand in our cafeteria.
    Once in a while, usually on a Monday, I’d bring my own lunch if I have any leftover from my weekend cooking efforts. It’s usually part of quiche, frittata, baked salmon… And because I have no lunchbox, I carry a foil-wrapped porcelain plate…

    If I work from home, then I try most of the time to do one of the 15 minute meals of Jamie Oliver. This halves my day in two logically distinctive parts (before and after cooking) and helps my mind decompress. So, you could think of this as a mini-project for testing Jamie’s 15 min meals cookbook:

    Have a great week, and enjoy your lunch!!

  2. What a great post!

    I currently write a bento blog with tutorials etc.

    I think packing your own lunch is a great project to take on for many reasons.
    It saves you money, you know that you will enjoy the meal and it can be incredibly fun too!

    I would recommend making lunch to everyone!

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