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This all black outfit with a pop of color caught my eye. (And bright shoes are quickly added to the wish list for fall.)

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In these last few weeks of summer, I’ve been really into simple recipes that make a big impact. That’s why I fell head over heels for Joy’s ice cream sandwiches using Ritz Crackers. The sweet ice cream paired with salty, butter crackers is brilliant. I now even love them crushed and sprinkled on top of a sundae!

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This font speaks to me — which isn’t too surprising considering I love all of Emma’s work. Some days I think that I like the cozy feeling of coffee shops more than I do actual coffee.

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Something about tying a scarf in your hair looks so easy-breezy. Now, if I could just figure out how to actually tie one…

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The use of color in these photos is beautiful. They’re doing a good job of dragging me out of my minimalist rut. (You should really check out the whole portfolio here.)

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I’ve been wanting these mossy-green boots since early this spring. Now that they’ve been brought back for fall I can’t decide between this color or a rich navy. Help! Which one would you choose? In my wild and crazy dreams I’d be getting this pair.

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The work of this Cape Town artist, Katrin Coetzer, manages to be so detailed and free at the same time.

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Lastly, I love the shape of this olive tree. I bought a tiny one in college and just repotted it for the fourth time — it’s growing like crazy! (PS. You can even grow your own.)

What’s been on your mind so far this month?

  1. Love the boots! The navy is a beautiful color but I’m loving the moss green color for fall!

  2. Ok, now bright shoes are officially going on my fall list. Love that pop of color with the all-black outfit. And I own TONS of black clothing - what a great way to jazz things up!
    PS. The mention of the word fall in this post has me totally giddy - it’s by far my favorite season.

    • Agreed! I own way too much black. I’ll be sad to see summer go, but fall is kind of amazing.

  3. Definitely get the navy booties for fall. I may be a little biased (since my closet is 50% navy) but it’s such a rich and flattering colour (and a nice departure from black now and again).

  4. I bought the Rachel Comey cognac booties at her sample sale last month, and they’re amazing! I highly recommend them!

    • I’m sure they’re gorgeous in person! So sad to have missed the sample sale.

  5. I want the same boots. Please let me know which ones you decided to get. Tried them on today and I don’t know what color to get either! Love the blog

    • Thanks, Lindsay! I’m waiting to try them in person, but I’m thinking I’ll get the green. I wear black often, so I’m not sure that navy would be the most practical choice for me. Although, they’d certainly look amazing with jeans!

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