Bake: with lavender (It turns out that there is so much you can do with lavender! From cookies to lemonade and lattes. I’ve had my eye out for some of the culinary variety ever since I spotted this Lemon Lavender Shortbread recipe. I finally hunted it down a the Greenmarket yesterday.)

Climb: a tree (In the off chance that you don’t have a tree to climb… just do anything that makes you feel like a kid again. Summer is my favorite season, but I often have to remind myself to actually enjoy it.)

Experiment: with s’mores (I love these creative variations from Oh Joy! I’m pretty serious about my s’mores, but have to admit that these look intriguing.)

  1. I absolutely love lavender! We have a little plant outside our door, and I’ve been wanting to try and use it in a few things. My husband will probably make some lavender infused syrup soon too to use in cocktails. Yum!

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