Chambray Shirt, Aviators, Belt, Denim Shorts, Sandals

I kind of embraced the denim on denim look right from the get go. I find as long as my shades of denim present a sharp contrast and I throw in a few colorful accessories to break it all up- I’m good to go. I found this chambray top during a shopping craze at the J.Crew outlet a few weeks back (sales are insane right now), and I absolutely love the light shade- so perfect for summer. Beyond these shorts I’ve been pairing it with white jeans and white denim shorts. A bigger contrast, but technically more denim on denim!

So, friends.. are you in or out on this trend? Do tell!


Photography by Lydia Hudgens

  1. I’m definitely in! I love the way you incorporated pops of color too.. it ties it all together. So lovely! xo

    • Clara

      Thank you so much! I’m a huge fan of that belt.

  2. Unfortunately, living in Canada and denim on denim being called “The Canadian Tuxedo”, it always gets a good laugh when it’s worn here, but I love it regardless!

    • Clara

      Haha sounds like I would be a laughing stock :)

    • Clara

      It’s sooo good. And so cheap now!

  3. You know, there has been as much said about denim-on-denim as there has been about no white after labor day. I got myself a light breezy chambray top recently, which I pair with dark skinnies. I agree with you-as long as the shades are different, why not?

    • Clara

      Yes! I bet that combo looks fabulous.

  4. I love the look of denim on denim, and I’m always sure to combine different shades/weights of fabric like you did here. Love this!

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