When I was in Santa Monica, I wanted to have the ultimate California experience in both food and exercise. That meant splurging on most meals out and a few pricey exercise classes. Truth is, I really love exercising in a beautiful space. Got complimentary fluffy towels and beautiful products in the bathroom? I’ll totally pay extra for all of that. There is certainly no lack of that kind of work out experience in NYC, but since I belong to a gym, I try to keep my workout spending in check.  But if it’s vacation? A spa-like work out experience is exactly how I like to spend my fun money! This trip made for my first experience with The Dailey Method and Soul Cycle. I loved the classes so much, I had to give you guys a run down on my experience. Let’s begin!

The Dailey Method I have to credit my friend Lauren (who I stayed with), for getting me to this class. She’d been going to the studio in her neighborhood and asked if I wanted to join one night. Though I’d never taken a barre class before, I’d been through enough pilates and yoga classes to have a sense of how the class would be structured. As expected it was a lot of small focused movements with tons of repetition, both with and without the bar. What I didn’t expect was all the stretching, and how it would be worked so seamlessly into the workout- rather than just done at the end. It was intense in the best way possible, and the stretching (I felt) really helped seal for all the toning that was done in class. I’m a weights girl through and through, but the class definitely challenged my muscles in new ways. I was sore in a lot of new places the next day! All in all if you’re looking for that long lean look, this class will definitely steer you in that direction.

Soul Cycle I feel like I may be the last person to get on the Soul Cycle train. Prior to taking the class I’d taken one spinning class years ago and didn’t really love it. That’s how I figured I’d feel about Soul Cycle. Oh could I not have been more wrong! Consider me an addict, people. Immediately after taking the class I looked up locations in NYC and oh happy day there’s a studio that just opened up in Williamsburg. Why did I love it so much? Yes, it was an incredible complete body workout, but it went beyond that. So much of why I exercise is mental. It’s the best thing for taking my mind completely off of work and letting go of whatever is worrying me. I need those endorphins. But I’ve never experienced as much of an endorphin rush as I did with Soul Cycle. I literally felt like I was walking on a cloud when I left that studio, and during the workout itself it was like I’d been mentally transported outside of my body. I know, it sounds ridiculous! But I can’t think of any other way to describe the experience. This is most definitely something I’ll be spending my money on back at home- it’s totally worth it.

Have you guys ever tried any of these classes? Did you love them or hate them? Any other classes I must try? I’d so love to hear!

All Dailey Method photos from Th Everygirl (check out the amazing feature about the founder!), top Soul Cycle photo from Bows & Sequins, Soul Cycle Studio photo and exterior photo

  1. My whole office is OBSESSED with Soul Cycle. I have yet to take a class (so $$) but since I hear such great things, I think I’m going to have to try it out!

    • Clara

      I totally know what you mean, Alyssa. I thought it wasn’t going to be worth the money either- but it kind of totally is!

  2. i love love love barre classes! in my part of the country (oklahoma) we have Barre3 studios! my older sis is an instructor! i’m obsessed with the class and can’t get enough! it’s crazy how the little movements really work and make you shake!

  3. The Dailey Method sounds awesome! I’m a huge SoulCycle and Barre3 fan, I need to go check The Dailey Method out.

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