I love this time of year, but it always seems to fly by before I even get a chance to wrap my head around it. I think it would benefit anyone to make a conscious effort to slow down a bit and enjoy every moment possible. Holiday parties with friends and family are a great way to do just that- and fortunately, they’re in season!

I love metallics. Quite a lot. They seem all the more appropriate for the holidays, so I’m definitely embracing the theme. A holiday party with metallic touches- from glass balls as decoration to gold leaf desserts- couldn’t be more festive. Are there any parties you are especially looking forward to?

1. plate, 2. silverware, 3. glass, 4. pinecone, 5. candles, 6. branch

Image Credits: table, place setting, truffles, champagne, cookies

  1. Metallics in winter add such a sophisticated, but warm touch. Like a 1960′s bond girl, in the swiss alps.

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