I’d love to share some vacation pics, if you’d like to see! My mom and I spent last week at the Cape for a little mother daughter vacay. We specifically went to Provincetown, which is waaayyy at the tip of Cape Cod. We visited many beaches when I was growing up but we frequented Provincetown the most, so I knew that was where we had to go for our beach getaway.

The best part about Cape Cod is that the entire seashore is considered a national park, so there are no big hotels, busy boardwalks, or houses. It’s just untouched sparkling beaches with big dunes that make you feel completely tucked away from the rest of the world.

We fell into a wonderful vacation schedule of leisurely breakfasts of hot coffee and poached eggs over buttery toast or steel cut oats with blueberries.

We’d head to the beach around 10 a.m. and pack a lunch of sliced canteloupe, salami and Manchego cheese sandwiches, and salt and vinegar chips (yum!).

We took naps, read, and took long walks on the beach where we spotted seals and whales offshore.

Most nights we’d pick up local seafood to make dinner and then crawl into bed around 10 pm… heaven.

But some nights we strolled around town and indulged in lobster rolls, fried clams, and of course ice cream. My favorite flavor was salted caramel chocolate pretzel. To die for.

One night we had dinner at The Red Inn. Doesn’t my mom look so glam in her sunnies??

We had rain one morning but it was kind of nice, as I needed a little break from the sun. We took a walk along the bay and came across this darling boat.

The trip was so relaxing and so what I needed. I’ll share a few more pics on Friday as well as a few aha moments I had during the trip… in the mean time I’ll be brainstorming ways to teleport myself back to the beach.

Did you go to the beach this summer? Are you itching to live by the ocean? I seriously think I need to make it happen!


  1. Looks like the perfect getaway! I also think I should live by the ocean, sea works so antistressful to me!

    • Clara

      It’s such a de-stresser! I’m convinced it has something to do with the refreshing ocean air.

  2. i visited santa barbara this summer and ever since, i have been trying to persuade the boy to let us move there one day. he is such a mountain lover though, so i’m struggling but i honestly don’t think that anything beats the beach.
    such beautiful pictures — i really want to visit the cape one day :) xx

  3. I grew up in New England and the Cape is one of my favorite places to visit! Those lobster rolls look so yummy-and if I ever have a boat, I’m totally naming it Tiramisu!

    The Glossy Life

  4. I love Cape Cod! Once I retire from teaching (I’ve still got a few years…), I think that’ll be my first fall trip. I’d love to go in the (slightly) off season. Beautiful pics. They display really well in this format.

    • Clara

      Mmm that sounds lovely! Yes, I’d love to go in the off season too- my mom and I were discussing doing that next year. Wouldn’t fall be just beautiful?

  5. I totally wish I was there right now eating lobster rolls and cape cod ice cream as opposed to sitting inside a classroom.

  6. Beautiful photos! I’ve only been to Cape Cod once in the winter when we lived in Brookline, MA in the ’70s. I just remember that it was very very cold and that we briefly walked on the beach and visited some gift shops. Cannot remember if I had asked my parents to buy me anything but I must have as I was into buying little things in gift shops as a little girl.

    • Clara

      Oh me, too! I was sooo into giftshops, much to my parents dismay :).

  7. Great vacay pics…I am sure you had a grand time with your mom.

  8. Too funny as I have been going to Boston at least once a year for the past 8 years, and have yet to hit this part of the Cape. Just told Lenny that over the holidays I definitely want to go there. Even if it is cold. Gorgeous holiday!! Who did you rent the house from? An Agency?

    • Clara

      Emailing you!

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