Readers often ask to see more pics of my daily life and for some reason I never thought to show you my instragram feed. I don’t know where my head is at! I will tell you my instagram pretty much consists of ever meal I eat, but there’s other cool stuff too! Like Brandon’s cold pizza breakfast, or my little feature in this month’s Ladies Home Journal. They’re also “mini recipes” occasionally, like my latest breakfast creation- oats, cashews, flax, cinnamon, and brown sugar soaked in almond milk. And lastly, they’re some pics of my everyday life. I’ll work on posting more of those, promise! The last one above was taken in the morning at my mom’s house.  Oh! And I’ve also added a little widget in the sidebar where you can access them all (I used SnapWidget if you’re interested).

Lastly, updated the recipes on the sidebar and as the weather gets colder, I just have to make note of the chicken noodle soup pictured. It’s to die for! I’m planning to make a batch within the next few weeks.

I’ll be back with the follow up post to my vacation ‘aha’ moment tomorrow. Happy Thursday!


  1. That chicken noodle soup does look incredible! The colder temperatures around here might necessitate a batch of that, pronto!

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