Happy Friday, friends! We’re in the midst of a packing frenzy getting ready to head to the airport tonight and fly off to Italy. We arrive in Rome Saturday morning and head straight from the airport to Capri. We’ll be spending four blissful days swimming, sipping Negronis, reading, and stuffing our face (of course) on this dreamy island. I’m most excited to tour the Blue Grotto on a boat! Then on Wednesday we head back to Rome to attend the opening of my Dad’s show and pack in a few days of site seeing. I’ll be blogging next week and have lots of delicious fall recipes lined up, and will of course be sharing tons of photos once I get back.  See you guys on the other side- have a great weekend! xx

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  1. You are going to have such a wonderful time — I’m totes jealous! If you have a spare moment or an extra train ticket I highly recommend visiting the small hill town of Assisi. There’s no other place like it.

  2. Oh, how I wish I could stow away in your suitcase! I visited Italy several years ago and fell in love. I’ve been dying to go back. I second the vote for Assisi! It’s a stunning coast. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

    • Clara

      Katie & Kat- thanks so much for the recommendation! I’ll definitely look into a day trip to Assisi.

  3. Have a wonderful trip Clara. I’m really looking forward to seeing your Dad’s exhibit in New York when I’m next there. Bon voyage!

  4. I wish you all a safe, relaxing and fun trip!

  5. have a blast! i will be in Florence in 6 weeks..yahoo, cannot wait! :)

  6. Have such an amazing time. Italy is my favorite place ever-and Capri is beyond gorgeous!

    The Glossy Life

  7. Enjoy everything! My husband and I are going in December, so I can’t wait to hear all you do there. xox

  8. Jon

    Bon Voyage. Happy Landings. I’m sooo jealous!

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