A few years back, when the second Sex and the City movie came out, Brandon happened to be out of town. Had he been in town we probably would not have seen the movie together, but the fact that he was out of town had me secretly thrilled. I was so excited to go to the movies, on my own, with a big pile of candy and no one there to judge me on how bad the movie was (although, it ended up being a lot worse than anticipated).

Nature of the movie aside, I am one of those people who enjoys going to the movies alone. And in general, I really love my alone time. Because of our work and travel schedules, we each get a fair amount of time on our own in our apartment. While I love sharing a home with Brandon, I know we both really enjoy (and benefit from) having that solo time every four to six weeks. So what do I do in my alone time?

  • I sleep diagonally in our king size bed and surround myself with all the pillows.
  • I have evening dance parties and bounce around the kitchen while I’m cooking.
  • I let all my shoes build up by our front door. If we both do this while we’re home it drives me crazy, but for some reason, when I’m on my own, I don’t seem to care.
  • I’ll work from his desk instead of mine to mix things up.
  • I organize our bathroom cabinets which become a disaster when we’re both home (and because I’m OCD).

It’s not that I couldn’t do these things while Brandon is around (well, minus the sleeping diagonally), and some of them I do (like the evening dance parties), but it’s just something about being on my own that makes me revel in these tendencies.

Do you like being alone? What do you like to do in your alone time? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who has dance parties!

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  1. I love going to movies alone. I don’t do it as much anymore, but it’s kind of liberating. (Except when you really need to rave/rant about the movie afterward.)

  2. I live alone (and have for the past year), so I get plenty of alone time. A lot of people ask if I ever get lonely, but in all honesty, I rarely do. I love the option of hanging out with friends and family when I want to (and don’t get me wrong, it is often), or taking a night to myself. I think it is so healthy to be able to feel comfortable by yourself. And I am no stranger to solo kitchen dance parties!

    • Clara

      It is so healthy to be comfortable by yourself- I so agree!

  3. When John is away, I love to get into my hideous nightgown and watch all the girly television shows he does not like, such as Gossip Girl and the new Dallas and Revenge. I sit on the sofa and just relax indulging in Emma Time. I paint my nails and light scented candles which drive his nose crazy but I love them. Everyone needs time alone in their space!

    • Clara

      You had me at scented candles. Same in our house!

  4. I love my alone time. I don’t think my social roommate really understands it but she lets me be and that’s all I ask for. I enjoy quiet moments like writing or reading. I also like loud moments like singing my favorite songs or dancing to some Beyonce or MJ or even writing songs. As far as outside activities, I don’t mind eating at restaurants alone or going to the movies alone. So you’re not alone at all. (I do hang with other humans btw lol)

    • Clara

      I’m the same way about restaurants too- I think I got used to that from so much solo traveling for work. And I should have said my dance parties involved singing, too!

  5. Teddy Artschwager

    Starting my first year as a teacher, being at school as well and then later for after-school meetings and activities, I am surrounded by people all day. I live alone, but the other teachers live in the same apartment building. So actually, I very much enjoy those private moments I have during the weekday. I love to wake up early and ease into the day, listening to music or a podcast while I make coffee and prepare breakfast. I do the same when cooking dinner or cleaning the kitchen in the evenings.

    Sidenote: The last movie I went to see alone was ‘This Is It’

  6. I really like to be alone! Maybe it’s because I was raised most of my life as an only child and spent a lot of time on my own, but it was an adjustment for me when Joe and I got married and I had to share my space with someone all the time. I finally got to a point where I told him I needed a little time each day for “me” - it can be anything from a bath and magazine reading to a run to some quiet time in the morning. It helps keep me sane and makes me a better wife!

    • Clara

      We are always say “me” time in our household, and we’re very clear when we both need it :).

  7. I love my alone time! I need to schedule at least one night a week of alone time or I start to feel pretty strung out.

  8. Reminds me of SATC’s “secret single behaviors.” Mine is making a mess in the kitchen and cranking up the Joy the Baker podcasts!

  9. I totally feel understand what you mean…sometimes I think Big & Carrie were right to have 2 ‘homes’!

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