Is there a certain place that you’ve always wanted to travel to? For me, I think it would be Tuscany. There is so much history and culture there, and of course- the fantastic food. I love Italian food, but sadly, have probably only been exposed to a very Americanized version of it. Fingers crossed that won’t be the case for too much longer!

This week’s menu focuses on grilled pizza. In my opinion, pizza is one of the few foods that is drastically improved by grilling. For example, I think it’s possible to make a great hamburger on the grill, but I’ve heard many chefs claim that they actually prefer hamburgers cooked in a skillet. Grilled pizza crust, on the other hand, gets slightly charred in all the right places, and is easy to make incredibly thin. Thin is definitely good when it comes to pizza. Whenever I’ve tried to make pizza in the oven it turns out sort of pillowy and disappointing. So for me, the choice is simple- I’ll always opt to grill my pizza.

I love the idea of making a slightly dressed up (but still simple!) affair out of pizza night. Why not grill your pizza and try out a few new flavor combinations? Here are some grilled pizza tips from Jim Lahey (the man behind the acclaimed no-knead bread) along with his no-knead pizza dough recipe. For a fun twist, you could try a broccoli rabe, potato and rosemary pizza. A simple arugula salad is a perfect accompaniment, and dessert takes the form of gelato affogato. That may just be my idea of a perfect meal.


1. pizza board, 2. wine bucket, 3. plate, 4. pizza cutter, 5. olive topiary

Image Credits: table, arugula, pizza, gelato

  1. Is it crazy that I’ve never grilled pizza before? Now that we’ve upgraded to a bigger grill for Joe, I think it’s time I gave it a try! And your taste in decor is so spot-on. Beautiful!

    • Thanks Madison! And it’s not crazy- but you should definitely try it!

  2. Your version of pizza night looks divine. I like adding a bit of glam to meals that would otherwise be casual. We make pizza every friday night, but we’ve been a little intimidated by our grill. This might be the inspiration we needed to move from the kitchen to our backyard-which unfortunately looks nothing like Tuscany, but a girl can dream 😉 -thank you!

    • I was a little unsure the first time I tried it as well, but it turned out so well that I look forward to it now! I also love that you do pizza Fridays- I’ve been wanting to implement taco Tuesdays at my house

  3. you’ve basically read my mind. I made homemade pizza last night and I’m getting a little tired of my usual toppings - I definitely want to try the broccolie, potato, and rosemary!

    • Yes! I love putting a new spin on classic dishes as well

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