Guys, do you have house plants? I have none, and up until a few days ago, they really weren’t my thing.  But then we got this little Christmas tree, and it sat in an empty corner in our living room, and I got really used to having it there. I took it down yesterday and now the whole living room feels absolutely naked. Has that ever happened to you?  Anyway, now I think we need a house plant.  But I have absolutely no idea what kind to get.  My mom keeps a huge potted Rosemary plant on the counter in our kitchen all winter, I’d love something like that.  There’s so many plants I don’t know about though, it’s too hard to choose!  So that’s where I need your help.  My house plant owners- what kind do you have? What kind should I buy? I have a big sunny spot, so sunlight will be no problem. Do you think that means an orange tree is feasible??


  1. Oh I love the idea of the herbs inside. Now I’m inspired. My favorite indoor plants are ferns and ficus plants/trees because they are so easy to grow. My ficus tree is now about 6 feet. I also like having gardenias and African violets around, though they can be a bit tricky to get to bloom a second time. Let us know with you go with!

    • I’ll definitely look into the ferns and ficus, thank you! I love the idea of herbs too, but I’m afraid to attempt too many plants at once. We have some pretty big patios which we’re planning on using for outdoor herb gardens this summer. I’ll keep you guys posted on it all!

  2. Oh, I wish I could help.. I have a green thumb outside but a brown one inside. Everything I touch turns brown… I do love the look of those in your photo though??

    • I’ve failed in the past too, so I’m a little nervous! And yes, I so wish I could have those orange plants inside…

  3. I’d love to have a houseplant. Something low-maintenance at first, so I could get the hang of things and not actually kill it. Last time my boyfriend and I tried having a plant in the house, one of my favorite CDs ended up broken in half inches from my head.

    Our cats are the cause of that scenario…I thought it was high enough, but I guess that was poor judgement on my part. Either that, or my cat really IS evil and looking to plan world domination…

    • Oh dear! I grew up with cats, so I understand how destructive they can be. We actually came very close to acquiring a cat over the holidays but it fell didn’t pan out. What I’d really love is a dog, which could end up being more destructive…

      • I grew up with dogs and agree with you there. I can’t wait to get one, but at the moment we can’t afford another pet. I’ve never actually been involved in helping to train any family pets though, so I’d be totally clueless there haha.

  4. Mama Pod has spider plants. Several, in fact. They pretty much take care of themselves, and are the one thing that she hasn’t managed to kill.

    But, in all seriousness, they do look nice, and I would take one if I could keep anything alive.

  5. I found that Schefflera Agricola is a fail-safe, starter house plant that loves both sun and water, grows quickly, yet easily survives drought and shade if you are away from the home for a few weeks. Hard to kill a Schefflera :) and its deep green hue softens any corner of the house.

  6. I have a green thumb - I’m not sure why since I tend to neglect my plants (lots of them). Maybe that just causes me to not overwater! I would definitely stay away from an orange tree. Recipe for disaster! Something like a Philodendron plant is easy and carefree (just cut it back so it doesn’t get leggy). Or a jade plant is just as easy. I’ve had the same one for over 30 years - it even flowers (oh dear, it’s older than you)!! Spider plants are good starter plants. And don’t be afraid of a few herbs - thyme would probably be the easiest.

    PS Our cat has never paid so much as a moments notice to any plants - except cut flowers. I think she likes to smell them!!

  7. anonymous

    Don’t some people winter citrus indoors? If you have a warm, sunny spot, why don’t you try a dwarf citrus and if it doesn’t bloom in the spring move it outside.

  8. If you have long enough sunny days I bet an orange would work. For some reason I remember someone telling me that they take a year or so to bloom the first time though. I have many house plants, I love them!

    Check into succulents also. Maybe google some pictures? You can do the neatest arrangements with them and they are very easy to care for. I have several different types inside my home.

    Good luck and happy planting! :)

  9. Wow! Thank you, all! These recommendations are amazing.

    Elizabeth: I’ve thought about spider plants but that means I have to hang something or buy a table to put it on. I want a lazy plant!

    Melissie: I know… underwater, overwater… it’s so hard! I think I’ll be steering clear of an orange tree, that would be too much. I’ll definitely check out your recommendations, thanks!

    Anon: It’s worth considering! I’m just nervous to take on something like that my first time around.. maybe next year!

    April: Oooh good ideas! I saw some succulents recently that I really liked, I’ll definitely look into those.

  10. I have a potted rosemary plant and so far it’s the only plant I’ve managed to keep alive. It’s a hearty plant, which I’ve come to realize is an important quality for a starter plant to have. Mine looks a bit like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but I don’t mind : ) An orange tree would be awesome! If you do go with the orange tree I’d love to hear about it … it may give me the guts to try a gardenia, which I’ve been wanting for years!

  11. snowflakes

    Lately my houseplants have not been doing well, and I re-potted them. Hope they would regain their health back. I have a peace lilly and Dracaena marginata and a few lucky bamboo shoots. I should try an orange sometime.

  12. I would love to have a sitting garden inside my apartment…but it’s so small..Plants are a natural genius at keeping the air your breathing in clean as well. I would love an herb garden…especially since I cook often.

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