Yeah, we won’t be discussing food today.

Earlier this week I was at a yoga class and the instructor mentioned a yoga teacher training course would be starting at the studio in February. It immediately sparked my attention. Because I’m so good at yoga? Hardly. I would like to get better at it, but I think I like the idea of teaching more so than being a trained yogi.  Even just typing the word yogi doesn’t feel like me. This is probably a sign I will not becoming a yoga teacher any time soon.

But still, there is a part of me that longs to do something totally different outside of my regular work.  I’m not really sure why. For one, I don’t really have the time (though when do we ever have the time), and two, I really enjoy what I do, so why the need to add on more?

Do you ever feel this way? Are you guys trained in any areas outside your regular jobs? I’m so curious. I haven’t completely let go of the idea. I have managed to nail warrior three with my arms in reverse namaste (just don’t ask me to show you my left side!), so maybe someday.

  1. I love doing pilates/yoga. It can be such a release before and after work.

    • Agreed! I always feel 100x better after I do it.

  2. You absolutely should do it. And yes, get trained to do something outside of a job that you currently enjoy. It will strech your mind in new ways and make you better at what you are already good at.

    • That is such a good point, David! I never thought of that before. Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment.

  3. I can commiserate with wanting to be trained in something other than what you do for a living! This year will be such a shakeup for us that I’m actually considering leaving my current field to eventually start down a new path … which is exciting, but also very scary. As for whether or not I’m trained to do something beyond my job, I’m sort of not trained for my current job- my education doesn’t directly lend itself to what I do now. Which goes to prove that if you’re curious and want to work hard, you can apply yourself in any field. (But I doubt I will ever do reverse warrior three with hands in reverse namaste!!!)

    • Leanne- we’re in the same boat! I left my job as an event planner at a company this summer, and began launching my own event planning business at the end of 2011. It’s exciting but needless to say, 2012 is going to be a bit of a scary year! Best of luck to you, and nice to know I’m not alone :).

  4. Beautiful! My balance is terrible, always was, even when I was teaching yoga and I have never been able to master this pose - especially with the arms in this position. I did my yoga training as a way to start teaching, but it DEEPLY improved my understanding of yoga and also improved my practice.

    • I thought about doing it just to deepen my practice, but it feels a little tough to justify the cost right now. But, hopefully, sometime in the future!

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