Yes, it has happened, my blog has undergone another facelift.  Can I use the new year as an excuse this time?  I think so.  All old posts can still be accessed through Tumblr.

Normally I begin the new year with a laundry list of resolutions, but this year I feel like doing no such thing. Sure I have thoughts in the back of my head of exercising more, reading more, cooking new dishes and cuisines, but I have no inclination to write those things down.  This is a new feeling, as I have an obsessive tendency to make lists.  But I’m really excited about this inner shift, and have decided to revel in it completely.

I’ve spent the last week with family and friends in NY and DC, but there’s been a lot of eating and cooking- so I have much to share in the coming weeks. Plus with two new massive cook books from Santa, I have lots of new recipes to try.  In the mean time, best wishes to everyone for  a wonderful (food filled) 2011!

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