Decorate : for the holidays (It’s officially the season, and even if you’re not ready for a tree, small touches like these twinkle lights in old bottles will bring some cheer into your home)

Catch Up : with an old friend (Give someone you care about a call, or make a coffee date! It’s the perfect time before things get hectic later this month)

Test : cookie recipes (Holiday baking is my favorite. These are brown butter ginger cookies with mascarpone cream)

Happy December!

Go : Nowhere, at least for a little while (I plan to stay in my yoga pants for a bit longer than socially acceptable this weekend)

Make : That DIY project that you’ve been meaning to get to (I’ll be at the Hobby Lobby bright and early tomorrow to get a start on homemade Christmas gifts. So excited for crafting!)

Drink : A big cup of green tea (of course if it looks a little lonely, it might need a slice of Thanksgiving pie along side)

READ : your favorite book (I’ve been spending a lot of time reading since I lost power for over a week! It’s something I’m going to do more often, even now that the lights are back on)

COZY UP : to candlelight (I received this candle as a gift, and it’s my new favorite)

COLLECT : unique matchbooks (I have the biggest weakness for pretty matches, and am always on the lookout for more. Is there anything that you find yourself collecting?)

Have a great weekend!

HOLD : Your favorite mug (I have been a longtime admirer of these)

DRINK : A cup of tea (Even if you don’t think you’re a tea fan, give it a try! It’s the coziest thing I can think of for a fall day. Psst- on a related note – chai tea cupcakes actually exist and sound amazing)

MAKE : Homemade candy (Between yesterday’s caramel recipe, and last year’s peanut butter cups, it doesn’t look like you really have a choice here)