Happy Thanksgiving, guys! May you fill yourselves to the brim today! And for those of you not based in the States, rest assured I’ll eat extra pie for you. I’ve got about a million and one things to be thankful for- far too many to list here- but do know how thankful I am for each and every one of you who visit this site every day. Your support means everything!

Happy eating!  xx

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Today I’m sharing the second installment of my Thanksgiving prep guide. Check out last week’s guide here, and then read on to see all the things you can do today, tomorrow, and this weekend to make sure you’re not scrambling next week!

  • Finalize Your Recipes When it comes to Thanksgiving there are so many options but it’s best to finalize everything that you’re cooking at least one week out- especially when it comes to the main staples. Set aside an hour or so to review all your resources at once- cookbooks, blogs, magazines- and then decided what you’re going to make. I recommend limiting yourself to just that hour so the process doesn’t go on forever!
  • Figure Out Who’s Doing What Once you know what you want to make- finalize what friends and family are bringing. Send a group email to all those who have offered to bring something and tell them what you need! Some folks will have their own things they want to contribute, but most people really appreciate direction. Don’t forget to include things like wine and other beverages, too. Also, be sure to include a deadline for response in case you end up having to pick up anything additional on your end.
  • Make Your List & Hit the Store at an Off Time Once you’ve solidified what you’re making and what your guests are bringing, make your grocery list. I  recommend breaking it into two parts- the items you can buy 5-6 days out, and the ones that have to be picked up 2-3 days out. Then, if you can, hit the store at an off time (ie when the stores aren’t crazed)- a weekend evening, in the middle of the day on a weekday, and so on.
  • Map Out Your Cook & Prep Timeline The best way to avoid feeling completely stressed out on the day of Thanksgiving is to make a prep timeline that maps out everything you need to for the big day, what needs to get done each day leading up the event, and who’s doing what (hello children, house guests and spouses). This applies to both prepping your home and the actual cooking part. So much of the cook process can be done ahead- and if you’re not sure about a dish- leave a comment or email me and I’ll help you figure it out! Be as detailed as possible when it comes to mapping things out- down to ironing cloth napkins for the table, or curating a play list for the party.
Woo! I think that’s it! Are you guys ready? Did this prep guide terrify you/make you aware of how OCD I am? Cheers to the holidays!


We are just two short weeks away from Thanksgiving. How on earth did that happen??? No seriously, like I don’t know where the month is going. It’s also snowing in NYC which is making my head spin.

Buuut let’s talk Thanksgiving. It’s my absolute favorite holiday of the year. My family cooks the whole meal together and hosts the same family friends (who are practically family) every year. Since we make everything from scratch, it’s crucial we plan in advance so we’re not killing ourselves the day of the big feast. This post is the first in a two part planning guide. Today I’m focusing on the things you can do to prepare two weeks in advance. Next week I’ll outline the items you should focus on one week in advance! Sound good? Excellent. Let’s get started:

  • Reserve Your Turkey Perhaps the most obvious thing you should at least two weeks in advance of T-day is reserve your turkey. In fact, if you’re buying your bird from a local farm (which I really really urge you to do), it’s best to reserve in late September or early October. Then you just pick up the bird a few days before Thanksgiving. You can also purchase your bird well in advance at the grocery store, and place it in the freezer until Thanksgiving. Take it out a few days in advance (24 hours for each 4-5 lbs) and let it thaw in your fridge.
  • Prep Your Pumpkin Have you ever had real pumpkin pie? You know the stuff made with fresh pumpkin? Let me tell you, it will blow your mind. My mom makes it every year and it’s such a treat to have the real thing. I know it can seem overwhelming to roast a pumpkin, but you can totally do it weeks in advance! She roasts one in October, scrapes out the insides, and freezes the pulp until she’s ready to make the pies. Easy peasy.
  • Prep and Freeze Your Pie Dough Along with your pumpkin, you can also prep and freeze your pie dough. You can keep it in discs or actually roll it out and freeze the crusts in your pie dishes. Just be sure to wrap them really well, and give them a day in the fridge to defrost.
  • Stock Up on Staples My mom and I are still sorting out the exact recipes we’ll use this year (Mom- we need to have a conference call about that stat), but there are still certain staples you know you’re going to need no matter what- and there’s no need to be scrambling at the last minute to snag them at the store. Things like brown sugar, salted and unsalted butter, cranberry jelly, nutmeg, cinnamon, flour and so on are all musts to have in your pantry. Also, take some time to make sure your equipment (roasting pan, pie tins, meat thermometer, etc) are still in condition and if not, replace what you need now!
Those are the heavy hitters in my book.  Are you guys prepping? Got any other tips? I am so stinking excited for stuffing.


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