Morning, friends! Greetings from sunny SoCal.  This weather is working wooonders on my spirit. Though I’m out here for work, I’ve been keeping mostly east coast hours, so late yesterday afternoon I shut down my computer a little early a took a long walk along the beach. I ventured into to my beloved Lemonade for a large icey beverage, and then ventured back through the streets of Venice. Once I was in Santa Monica, I circled back to the water.  And even though the sun was down and it was kind of chilly at that point, it felt so good to just sit and watch the water. To just sit, be quiet, not stare at my phone, or be on a subway. I’m planning to do a whole lot of the same today and take a little personal time for myself while I’m still here. You know I’ll be gramming, so you can follow along here. It’s been a busy one so no links this week…. but I’ll be back here on Monday with an amazing recipe that involves sweet potatoes (in the form of French fries of course). Cheers to the weekend! xoxo

  1. I could use some warm weather, this depressing midwest winter has got to come to an end!

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