Yesterday I threw on my pink sunnies as I was jetting to and from places (err more like schlepping… always), but it felt oh so good. Sunshine! Finally! The fact that my body wasn’t chilled to the bone the instant I walked outside was such a treat. We’ve still got March but with trips to California and Mexico on the horizon, I think I can make it to spring! Who’s with me?

I’m off to DC to spend the weekend throwing my bestie’s baby shower and visiting with dear old friends. After a week of mountains of monotous paperwork and business tasks (hello taxes), I’m so ready to focus on things completely unrelated to work for the next few days. We’ve been plotting and planning the shower menu for weeks so I’m beyond excited to hit the store tomorrow suburban style, spend Friday night prepping food, and bring the whole thing together on Saturday. A version of this salad and these treats will be in the mix. Here are a few fun links…. have a good one! xx

Healthy-fy your favorite comfort foods.

Work-friendly makeup looks

Weekend menu inspo: Gumbo!

SATC 3???

Manicures of New York Fashion Week.

Jimmy Fallon‘s barbershop quartet twist of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix).”

“I found a life, in paper.” — Olivia Judson, from part 4 of her beautiful 8-part series on dealing with grief.

Photography Crush: the female biker gangs of Marrakech.

12 Things You Could Do Instead of Worrying.

Would you stay at one of these hip new hotels from the folks at Radisson?

20 stars, 20 fantastic red lipsticks.

Buzzfeed’s roundup of truly charming travel locations.

Image Source: Frankly Esoteric

  1. Meredith

    Hooray for dear old friends in DC!!!!!!!! xxx

  2. I liked knowing how to make comfort foods more healthy! Thank you and have fun! Looking forward to seeing pictures!

  3. Sarah

    Have a great weekend and trip! That Jimmy Fallon clip just made my day.

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