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A couple of weeks ago I took a quick trip to Colorado for the 4th of July, and have been meaning to share a few favorite photos with you! Let me just say that the heat wave this week has left me wishing like crazy for the cool, dry air that I left behind.

I’ve always felt like my heart belongs in California, so I’ll really use any excuse possible to travel west. In this case, I went to visit a friend from college (hi, Emily!) who just finished up her grad program at CSU.

Colorado 2

It was a short trip, but sometimes those are the best types. We really fit so much in. One of our first stops in Fort Collins was a tour of the New Belgium Brewery. I learned that Colorado is really into beer. As for me? Not so much. I sipped away on their lightest beer, appropriately named ‘Sunshine.’ The S’mores Porter was also a favorite.

Colorado 4

Of course, no trip to Colorado is complete without a hike in the Rocky Mountains. The view was incredibly beautiful, and near the top of the mountain there was an unlikely lake waiting for us. Dipping our toes into the cool water was the best reward I could have asked for. (I totally blamed my slow pace up the mountain on the high altitude.)

Colorado 5

While I was there, we attempted homemade English muffins, using Christina Tosi’s recipe. Just look at those nooks and crannies.

Colorado 7

We spent the actual day of July 4th walking around Denver. They have so many amazing shops and restaurants, as well as the Capitol Building to visit. The city guide from Design*Sponge came in very handy, and led us to the restaurant we chose for lunch — The Kitchen. I’d highly recommend it!

Colorado 6

I especially loved this building. We saw it on our way to one of my favorite bookstores I’ve ever been in.

Colorado 8

That night we went to see the Rockies play, which made for my first official baseball game. Confession: we had a contest to see who could snap the most awkward picture of the players stretching beforehand — so mature. As a bonus, there were (loud! incredible!) fireworks after the game.

Colorado 9

Although by the end of that night I was practically falling over from jet-lag, I’m glad I stayed awake long enough to light a few celebratory sparklers. It was the perfect way to end the holiday.

It was a quick trip, but I loved every minute of it. I’m sure I’ll be back, so until next time, Colorado!

  1. Phyllis

    So glad you enjoyed Colorado! We love it here. And Tattered Cover book store is the best!!!

    • It was beautiful! And I’m still dreaming of the Tattered Cover.

  2. Clara

    That last pic is amazing, Sarah! And OMG those muffins look SO good.

  3. Oh I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago… it looks so beautiful! We’ll have to get there one of these days soon.

  4. I lived in Denver a few years ago, and though the city itself wasn’t the right fit for me, there are definitely things I miss about it–most of which you mentioned–the hiking through the Rockies, the Tattered Cover and most of all, the complete and utter lack of humidity! I never dated as much as I did when I lived in Colorado, and I’m almost 100% sure it’s because I finally had a long stretch of good hair days. Glad you had a fun trip–always good to get away from your normal routine and enjoy something totally different!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I definitely got to see the highlights on this trip. If faced with actually living there, I think there would be some major culture shock involved!

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