Have you guys made summer vacay plans yet? We’re just wrapping ours up. One of the places we’ll be visiting is Portland, Maine! We rented a little apartment right in the center of town so we’ll have easy access to all the great restaurants, farmer’s markets, and beaches. Ooooh I can’t wait! Especially given the unbearable humid weather we’ve had in New York lately- those cool coastal mornings and perfect 75° days are going to be such a treat. That and the lobster. Omg. Can we talk about how much of a lobster fanatic I am? Good seafood + sun + sand = my total happy place. This is going to be just the vacation I need to recoup after a wearing winter.

What summer plans are you guys looking forward to? Going anywhere beachy and fun?

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  1. Sophie

    Portland is one of my all time favorite places! You MUST visit Fore Street – it is beyond amazing. A wonderful farm to table restaurant, and I swear to you, my life was changed after that meal…

    • Clara

      Hi Sophie- thanks so much for the rec! I’ll definitely add that restaurant to our must eat places!

  2. Portland has the BEST lobster rolls. Also, be sure to go to DiMillo’s on the water for a bloody mary – yum!

    Also, I’m not sure where you are driving from but if you pass through New Hampshire, I highly suggest Portsmouth. It’s the cutest town (very similar to Portland, just smaller) – you’ll fall in love.

    Have fun!
    Allie at alliewears.com

  3. Amy

    I’ve never been to Portland, but have been to other parts of Maine, and love it. We are renting a house for a week, just outside of Woodstock, NY this summer. The back of the house faces a waterfall! I’m counting the days…

    • Clara

      Amy! I grew up in Rhinebeck, just 30 minutes east of Woodstock. Definitely let me know if you’re venturing that way and I’ll send you recommendations. For Woodstock- be sure to hit up Bread Alone while you’re there.

  4. Yay! Sounds like such a fun summer adventure! I’m really envious – I love sea food to pieces, but it’s so hard to come by here in Central Europe! I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through you :)
    My summer plans are simple: I’m going to spend a week in Paris (that’s my happy place) with my bff, and we’ll be sipping cocktails on terraces, enjoy a shopping spree (or three :) during the summer sales, eating delicious foods and chatting about life in general. I’m SO looking forward to it, it will be such a bliss after that long, tiring and busy winter!

    Have a fantastic week, Clara!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

    • Clara

      Paris sounds pretty heavenly, Ivana! Eat a croissant or two for me :) xx

  5. Oh, I would love to visit Maine in the summer. We aren’t really doing much (I can’t take too much time off since it’s wedding season), but we’ll be visiting Las Vegas with my family in July. Not very glamorous, but I am excited to lay by the pool! You’ll have to enjoy some lobster for me while you’re in Portland though 😉 xoxo

  6. A BIG thank you for featuring my Maine Lobster Flour Sack Towel!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Maine, it’s on the list and part of the reason I was inspired to do this towel. This blog makes me want to get it in gear & make it there soon!

    Bad Bat Designs

    • Clara

      Stacey! You’re so welcome! I really love it- all your products in fact. xx

  7. Monica

    I grew up a few hours north of Portland and still love to visit during the summer. I hugely recommend an afternoon on Peaks Island. It’s just a 15 min ferry from the Old Port (Portland). The island is tiny and the whole thing is bikeable. A great place to rent a bike, have a seaside lunch and an ice cream cone.

    • Clara

      Hi Monica- I’v read about Peaks Island, and we’ve definitely got a visit planned. I can already taste the seaside lunch and ice cream cone!

  8. J’s Oyster – local oyster bar on the water where the shuck before you eat them, soooo goood! It’s definitely down and dirty and the food is great!

    • Clara

      Emma! Thanks so much for the rec. We’ll definitely hit up Macy’s- can’t wait!

  9. MK

    umm excuse me!?!? When are you coming up!?!?

    • Clara

      I was waiting for this comment!! You have to come and hang with us! We’ll be there the 13th to the 27th. Long time!

      • MK

        PERFECT. I will def be in touch and try to get a day off to come hang! I think I’m working in Portland a few times during that time period anyways!!! WOO! Can’t wait!

  10. KZM

    I LOVE PORTLAND. It’s amazing. I second the Fore Street reco, and am going to throw in a reco for Duck Fat, Gritty’s Pub, and an AWESOME tour I did last summer where a lobsterman takes you out on his boat and you get to pull traps and bait the traps. It was so unique and awesome (Lucky Catch), and our lobsterman was super cute. 😉 And Hot Suppa (brunch) and Local 133 are other eating recos.

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