It’s been an unexpectedly good week. I started implementing a new method for approaching my work day which has dramatically decreased my anxiety levels. I’ll be telling you guys all about that on the next Biz Notes post- next Wednesday. I kicked off my weekend slightly early last night with a visit to the Journelle store in Union Square for the Sweet & Shower event with Kris Schoels and Bauble Bar, followed by a late taco and margarita dinner downtown. So delicious! Here’s what else went down this week:

  • Sugarfina, the online candy boutique, was also at the event last night. I’ve been coveting their packaging and sweet designs for a while and was so excited to finally try their candy. The champagne gummy bears? Out of this world. My mind is overflowing with all the fun events and gifts you could create with their products.
  • I’ve been cooking a lot these past few days, which always puts me in a good mood. For a recent dinner I made Tracy’s Banh Mi and oh my god was it good. We were literally oohing and aahing throughout the entire meal. I never thought I’d be able to make these Vietnamese sandwiches at home, but it’s totally doable!
  • I’ve been particularly smitten with Elephantine as of late. Rachel’s weekly flower posts and reading guides just make my heart happy.
  • I’m prepping for a massive closet cleaning this weekend. You know that thing people say- that you only wear 20% or so of the clothing you own? Well I’m ready to really clean house. I’m shooting to get rid of half of my wardrobe. Yep! Perhaps I should do a post on that?
  • Lauren made bacon jam– nuff said. Oh- and she made shrimp version of the banh mi sandwich if pork is not your thing!
  • Loving this guide from the Glitter Guide on how to clean your makeup brushes- mine are really in need of a deep clean.
  • Brandon and I talked about moving this fall when our lease is up but we’ve decided to stay in our cozy spot in Williamsburg. Even though we’ve got a fair amount of stuff on the walls I feel like there is still so much we could do. I’m hoping to finally hang some frames and pieces that have been sitting in drawers since we moved in (almost 2 years ago!). Why does decorating take so long??
  • Since this iced coffee post was such a hit laster year, I’ve been dreaming up a new iced caffeinated beverage to share this year. Recipe to come soon on that one…

Time to tackle the remaining work tasks of the week so I can relish in a few days off. Here’s to a wonderful weekend! xx

Ps: That buttermilk apple bread above? Must make!

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  1. Champagne gummy bears?!?! Oooo I have to check that out! I’ve been in love w/ Rachel’s blog Elephantine for years! She takes such beautiful photos!! I also have got to check out bacon jam? That has to be hilarious and delicious! =)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. The sweets from Sugarfina are SO good! We’ve gotten sent them a couple times at the office, and I always go straight for the champagne gummies. Dangerous!

  3. Thanks for the bacon jam & shrimp banh mi shout out, lady! I’ll have to try Tracy’s banh mi next. I also love Elephantine…and iced coffee…looking forward to your new concoction!

  4. Love you Life Lately posts. I have to ask, can you sell your “Spring Cleaning” clothes on here? You have great style and I’m sure there’ll be takers (i.e., me).

    • Clara

      Hi Anastasia- wow, you’re so sweet! I’d love to sell them online but sadly I don’t have the time to post it all :(. Truthfully I don’t think the items are that good, but I’ll take another look and if there’s something that seems really desirable- I’ll certainly consider posting!

  5. We’re so glad you loved the Champagne Bears, thanks for the shoutout! Your site is gorgeous, we are very inspired over here in candyland by all the beautiful photography. Would love to collaborate on something! xoxo, Rosie @ Sugarfina

    • Clara

      Hi Rosie! Thanks so much for reaching out. I’d love to collaborate on something as well! I’ll reach out via email. xx

  6. I’ve been wanting to do a big closet clean myself. I’d love to read about your experience if you end up doing it!
    PS. LOVED that iced coffee post from last year – I made it several times throughout the summer. Sadly it is far from summer where I live, but I’m writing this from hot and sunny Maui, so I totally have icy drinks on the brain! I am going to be bringing home a whack load of vanilla macadamia nut coffee, which would probably be pretty darn tasty as an iced concoction. Have a great weekend!

    • Clara

      Aaaaah so jealous you’re in Maui!! What I would do for some of that vanilla macadamia nut coffee…

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