This cozy reading nook. I think a space like this would remind me to unplug, and read a book more often. Speaking of which, we have some fun book ideas coming your way later this week!

Boots in the perfect mossy shade for spring. I’m usually the first to dive into sandals, but these short boots might make a more seamless transition.

Fresh flowers and picnics! Two of my favorite things to look forward to from the latest Marais campaign.

I’m feeling especially drawn to bright, simple spaces recently. The chandelier is the perfect finishing touch.
These metallic leather pouches from Cisthene. All their products have a sort of enchanted feel to them.

This picture from Caitlin pretty much sums up the ideal summer day.

I love the idea of adding custom upholstery to make a unique piece even more special.

What’s been on your mind, as of late?

  1. Oooh I love these pics!!!

  2. Very nice Spring style! I love the interior pictures, they are very inspiring.

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