Weekend wishes 9

Create: a mix of seasons (I love how Olivia tops off a springy all white outfit with a fur-trimmed jacket. I’d love to begin incorporating hints of spring into my own winter wardrobe)

Look For: the first signs of spring (Once Valentine’s Day has passed I seem to realize that winter won’t actually last forever. I’ve already noticed that I can actually see outside past 5:00 pm, and the air has a certain freshness to it. In case you couldn’t tell, this girl cannot wait!)

Dream of: everything in the Emerson Fry spring collection (I’ve been drooling over the preview they posted, and I’m quite certain that if money were no object, my entire wardrobe would be EF. Sigh, one day…)

I hope you have a truly wonderful (three-day?) weekend!

  1. Mari @ Oh, Sweet & Savory

    Great inspiration! Love the idea of incorporating white into my winter wardrobe, too!

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