Weekend wishes 10

Hi there! It’s been kind of a rough and hectic week at the CC headquarters, so I’m posting Weekend Wishes a day early. Although, because of that, I added in a few extras. Enjoy, and have a cozy, warm weekend. See you on Monday! xo

Paint : hearts (On your nails, on valentines, on cupcakes.. you know what to do)

Live by : this quote (I loved this, and I think we often feel pressure to live a perfect life, although it’s really the little things that lead to a happy one)

Eat : an epic grilled cheese sandwich (this spinach artichoke version recently captivated me)

Try : leather sleeves (I love this look, and think it adds a perfect twist to a classic piece. Now I just need to find an affordable version)

Enjoy : the snow (If you’re on the East Coast, of course. I can’t wait to curl up under a blanket and finish my latest book. I’ve had about two chapters left for the past week, and I’m dying to finish it. Stay warm, and have a snowball fight, if you’re feeling extra adventurous!)

Any exciting plans? Do tell!

  1. Lovely wishes!! This weekend will include a date night and hopefully reading by a fire… and now grilled cheese.

    • That sounds amazing! I so wish I had a working fireplace

  2. I love that quote…and the looks of that grilled cheese! Is it bad that I’m looking forward to this blizzard just so I can indulge in comfort food?!

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