To say I’m looking forward to the weekend seems glaringly obvious, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting this weekend in particular namely because- wait for it- we have nothing planned! I’m so ready for hours upon hours of down time at home to read and cook a ton of recipes from my “to make” list. A mani in the neighborhood, and a few long sweaty work outs are also on tap. It all just sounds like pure heaven, doesn’t it?

This week, like the last, has been nothing short of bonkers. But amidst all the work it was still pretty fun. Here’s a snapshot of what went down:

  • I did a little interview over on Meyers Styles and shared some behind the scenes info on my business, blog, and work plans for 2013. Thanks so much for having me, Katie!
  • I made a version of this blasted broccoli but with cauliflower and omg was it good (insert Contessa voice). I’ve been in a cauliflower mode after having a cream of cauliflower soup for dinner out last weekend. Anyone have a good recipe for that?
  • The photo above is a snapshot from a photo shoot I helped run last weekend. To say working for myself has lead to some incredible opportunities would be a huge understatement. Feeling so thankful as of late.
  • Grabbed a quick lunch with an old friend this week at Taboonette near Union Square- a completely unassuming little restaurant, but the food was incredible. I had the zucchini cakes, and then we split a slice of cardamom tea cake for dessert. Swoon.
  • Sarah and I kind of rocked out on our Facebook page. Have you been over there? I know, I know… shameless plug… but really, we post some pretty fun stuff over there and I love using it as a vehicle for sharing all that we’re loving from around the web, that we don’t always get to post here.
  • My dear friend Becca launched her textiles line, Rebecca Atwood Designs, this week! I could not be more proud of her. Her work is stunning and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of her gorgeous pieces.
  • I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve selected a new contributor for CC! I was blown away by the number and quality of applications, so this was not an easy decision, but thank you so much to all who applied. We’re feeling pretty loved over here.

Alright, I think that about does it. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for reading this week, seriously- we heart you all. Here’s to a wonderful February! xx

  1. La Torontoise

    Have a good weekend!!
    I have a terrible day at work, look forward to the weekend too!

  2. La Torontoise

    PS. I eat the blasted broccoli 3 times in the past 2 days:-) loved it so much; and my husband too!!!

  3. I love no-plans weekends…although I inevitably find myself trying to cram way too much into those days, leading them to be busier weekends than normal! I hope you get some good R & R!

  4. Thank you so much Clara!! Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the BB event.

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