I’m tempted to stick with these “Life Lately” posts on Fridays for the next few weeks. These past few weeks have been so busy, that come Friday morning, I’m so ready for a few minutes at my desk to simply sit and reflect on all that’s happened this week. Here’s a little snapshot of my week and what’s been on my mind:

  • I’ve been getting home pretty late in the evening which hasn’t left much time for making dinner, but one of my favorite go to 10 minute dinners is black bean nachos. I line a baking sheet with whole grain tortilla chips, spoon on a whole can of organic black beans, a heavy dose of fresh salsa, top with some cheese,  and bake at 400° for ten minutes. I serve the nachos with pickled jalapeños,  more hot sauce, and greek yogurt (instead of sour cream). A simple salad alongside makes this a really satisfying dinner!
  • We just wrapped up the first season of Homeland and omg is that show good. I know, I’m a little behind on that train. In other news Smash is coming back! And Glee returned this week. #ilovemusicaltheater #nojudging
  • Today is the last day to apply for our contributor position! To all of you who have already applied, thank you so much for all your thought and hard work- I’m truly blown away. We still haven’t made any selections so you have until this evening to apply.
  • I had these incredible ricotta pancakes at brunch last weekend (pictured above), and am thinking a need to recreate them for CC- would you guys be interested in that?
  • Yesterday I came down with a lovely sore throat and cold, so Brandon made Giada’s Marinara sauce over penne for dinner. It was so warm and comforting and reminded me just how good a simple marinara can be.
  • I’ve got a serious travel bug right now. Brandon and I are talking about doing a long weekend trip to Austin in the next few weeks (anyone from Austin??), but I’ve got even bigger hankerings beyond that. Our trip to Italy in September feels so far away, and I’m really craving some time outside the country… maybe Croatia? That’s been on my to vist list for years. Any top travel places on your list?

We’ve got visitors again this weekend and I’m squeezing in a photo shoot for work, so not much slowing down around here. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

  1. La Torontoise

    Paris, the French Riviera are waiting for you: -)

    Loved the 10 minute meal.

    Have a good weeeknd!

  2. La Torontoise

    P.S. Clara, could you possibly give a hint to the Ricotta Pancake recipe. Thank you so much!!
    I’m looking for a new recipe over the weekend…

  3. Kathryn Mickelson

    I would love for you to recreate the ricotta pancakes!! I will be waiting and waiting… loving the blog!

  4. Nachos for dinner ? My kind of meal !!

  5. Katie Meyers / Meyers Styles

    Clara- too funny; I’m going to Austin next weekend! If you need any suggestions/ must-try restaurants, I’ll give you the low-down when I’m back! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I’ve got the travel bug right now too – big time. Eating Well has a great lemon/blueberry ricotta pancake recipe that’s not terrible for you. I got points with my now-husband with it during courtship. 😉

  7. I’m from Austin! I’d love to share my favorite spots and tips with you, Clara. I’ll shoot you an email. We just got back from San Miguel de Allende and Cartagena–both great cities for a visit. South Africa and Southeast Asia are probably our favorite trips ever; Croatia is on my wish list too!

    • Clara

      Lauren- that would be so helpful! I’d love that. Any recommendations on where to stay and what not would be so appreciated. I went to Southeast Asia a few years back- it was amazing. My boyfriend actually just went to South Africa last year, but I’m dying to go. Sounds like you’re a pretty avid traveler! xx

  8. I like these posts, Clara! I have heard good things about Homeland…I’m still trying to get caught up on a few other shows (hello Girls and The Walking Dead), but I will eventually get to Homeland! And ricotta pancakes – yes please!
    PS. I am in the midst of planning a trip to Italy with a couple of girlfriends. We’re hoping to get everything coordinated to go this spring – I will have to reread your posts on your trip for some ideas! Have a great weekend!

  9. Clara, your blog is new to me, and I’m so happy I’ve discovered it! Austin is a fun city… I’m partial to Houston because I used to live there! You’re going to have so much fun in Texas. In Austin I can recommend going to Elizabeth Street Cafe (a sort of Thai food / French bakery fusion) and Torchy’s Tacos (a food truck). If it’s warm enough, bring your swimsuit and visit Zilker Springs Park… and next time, if you go in the summer, check out the Congress Avenue Bridge Bats… thousands of bats flying out from underneath the bridge. It sounds creepy maybe, but the beauty of it made me tear up!

    Croatia is on my dream list! Next month, my husband & I are going to Thailand. We can’t wait to get our adventures for the year going. Hope your week is off to the best start!

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