January has added up to lots of running around. Full days at my desk have become a rarity, and most of the week I’m running from meeting to meeting with little down time in between. That means I’m mostly eating on the go, and as someone who needs both a morning and afternoon snack, it’s necessary that I always have snacks in my bag. Trail mix and raw almonds were starting to get pretty old so when I saw these Peanut Butter Bites from Sprouted Kitchen I knew they’d be perfect to quel my AM and PM hunger pangs. When Sara (of SP) suggested a version including dark chocolate, my mind immediately went to almond butter and coconut to create an almond joy-esque “cookie.”  I’m not only always hungry around 3 pm, but consistently craving something sweet (please tell me who isn’t..?), and the dates and dark chocolate provide just enough not so terrible sugar to meet that craving without sending me crashing about 30 minutes later. Add in lasting fat and protein from the almond butter and flax seed (not to mention a dose of Omega 3s) and these little guys kind of can’t be beat!

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Almond Joy “Cookies” inspired by Sprouted Kitchen
Makes about 20 cookies

  • 1 cup almonds
  • 1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
  • 2 T ground flaxseed
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 cup pitted dates, chopped
  • heaping 1/2 cup almond butter (plus more if needed)
  • two pinches of salt (if your pb isn’t salted)
  • 2 ounces dark chocolate, roughly chopped
  • pinch of salt

In a food processor, pulse the almonds until a coarse meal forms. Add the cinnamon, dates, almond butter, chocolate, flax seed, coconut, and salt. Note- my food processor had a tough time processing the dates, so if you’re experiencing the same thing- be sure to cut them up as finely as you can before adding them to the mixture. Pulse everything together until they are generally uniform in color and texture. The mixture should stick together when pressed between your fingers. If it seems dry, add another tablespoon of almond butter.

Roll dough into scant tablespoon size balls. Press them down with a fork to make a cross hatch. Repeat with remaining dough. Cover and keep chilled in the fridge.

  1. I wonder if Almond flour is too fine for this recipe…I have tons of it…

    Sounds like delicious cookies!!

  2. Mmmmm those look amazing! I just made a bday cake with almond extract and think I know may be on a kick! :)

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