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I was so excited when the idea for this post came up, because, well, I LOVE blogs. I remember stumbling across my first one while I was feeling hopelessly uninspired as a biology student, and I haven’t looked back since. I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs with you (at this moment in time, anyway). Some are being highlighted on our sidebar, but many haven’t been specifically mentioned before. I do hope you find some new favorites!

Style/ Design

1. Miss Moss– This blogger is from South Africa, and I think her tagline, ‘a compendium of radness,’ says it all. She photoshopped that photo above to look like a painting (!)

2. Extraordinary Wonders– This blog never fails to inspire me. The collage pictured above is my favorite thing, ever

3. Atlantic Pacific– I’m in love with every single outfit that Blair posts, and love how her pictures say so much without even needing words

4. Stripes and Sequins: Grace is incredibly sweet, and has the most amazing DIYs

5. Designlovefest

6. Emmadime

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1. Butter Me Up, Brooklyn These are all baking recipes (my favorite) and there are always good stories to go along with them

2. Sprouted Kitchen

3. Joy the Baker– How can you not love Joy? She has the most creative recipes, and is such a witty writer

4. Alexandra’s Kitchen

5. 101 Cookbooks– Heidi has an incredible ability to make healthy food taste delicious, every single time

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1. A House in the Hills– This blog embodies a sunny California lifestyle, which makes me want to go even more, of course

2. Hither and Thither– I can’t tell you how much I love this blog. Ashely is such an amazing writer, and always finds the most interesting links to post. I’m not that big on children, but even the posts geared more towards parenting don’t bother me one bit

3. A Cup of Jo– A classic, but definitely for a reason. I think Joanna addresses very real issues in a genuine way

4. The Daily Muse

  1. Aw! I’m so honored to be on your list. What a nice surprise! Thank you!!

    • Of course! You’re so talented, Becca

  2. Leslie

    Thanks for giving me even more reasons to ignore my to do list! Can’t wait to check these blogs out in my downtime.

  3. Great list! Love so many of these blogs and am excited to check out a few that are new to me!

  4. this is a lovely collection of blogs and thank you for including BMUB!! today, my reader just got a little bit bigger. :) hope your holiday is filled with bourbon and cookies galore! xx

    • Glad you found some new favorites! And hope your holiday is as well

  5. oh my! thanks so much for including me. feelings are mutual. :)

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