Aaaaand it’s Monday. I swear, I think the week goes by fast and then the weekend arrives only to pass by ten times faster! This one was a busy one, but we packed in a lot of good stuff. Friday night was some music and dinner with friends. I came home to find my mascara all messed up from laughing so hard at dinner- the best. On Saturday, Jen, Johnny, and I shot the next edition of our NYC Entertaining series in my apartment. You guys- I am seriously so excited about this party concept. It’s holiday focused of course, so stayed tuned for that next week. Saturday night was dinner and catch up time with some of my closest gal pals from college. Sunday, thankfully, included some much needed down time watching mindless TV on the couch (just getting into Parenthood). And we ended the weekend with dinner in with friends in the neighborhood, which included homemade old fashions, spaghetti Carbonara, and lots of snuggling with their sweet pup. Perfect way to wind down before a hectic week.

Did you guys catch the crostini recipe I put together this month for the Glitter Guide? I’m so pleased with how these small bites came out. The honeycrisp and gorgonzola pairing is so spot on, and the best part is that this appetizer can easily be made gluten free as the apple and cheese are just as good on their own. Not to mention- it takes all of two seconds to put together. Ideal for this crazy time of year!

Hope your week is off to a great start, and lastly- have you checked out what’s been going down on our Facebook page?  I post a ton of great recipe finds there- stuff that never makes its way on to the blog- so you should definitely make your way over! Here’s to a great week.

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