Oh Friday. Thank goodness you’re here. I woke up last Sunday with a terrible sore throat and have continued to rock a cold and mild flu all week long. I think this is my body’s way of telling me that it’s 100% necessary for me to take the next week to sleep, spend lots of time on Netflix and Hulu, and drink hot cocoa like it’s my job. So excuse me while I go do just that.

Sarah and I will be back later next week sharing our best reads of 2012. I read some amazing books this year so I’m really excited to dish on that topic- but I’m just as excited to hear from you guys and get lots of reading recommendations for 2013! So be sure to drop in for that. Beyond that, here are a few thing for you to cook, do, listen to, and read over the holiday:

  • Entertaining? You really totally need to host this holiday bagel brunch.
  • Did you know CC has it’s very own holiday playlist? Get it here. Mariah and Frank Sinatra all the way.
  • This particular Biz Notes post was one of my favorites. It’s a really good read- wherever you are in your life.
  • Ina Garten tasted and loved (!) these ginger cookies– I think that’s good enough reason for you to make them.
  • Lessons in blogging- here are my big ones from 2012.
  • Still shopping for gifts- we made three awesome gift guides for you this year. Get 12, and 3!
  • Enough with the cookies and candy canes- you totally need this holiday kale salad in your life.
  • I’ll be making a gingerbread house this weekend! Got any tips or tricks?

However you’re celebrating, I hope your holiday is filled with great food, family, and friends. Thanks so much for all your support this year and making my little corner of the web part of your daily life. It means more to me than you can imagine!

xo Clara

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  1. Cynthia Campbell

    Clara, I have the BEST preventive (or cure, if you already have it!)herbal tea for cold or flu: To 2 cups of purified water add 3 T. minced fresh ginger, peel and all. Add minced zest of 2 lemons and simmer for at least 8 mins. Place 2 T. local organic honey in cup along with juice of the 2 lemons. Strain the ginger/lemon peel tea into cup and enjoy! Repeat as needed. I haven’t had a cold in 3 years since making this tea! The Ginger should feel very ‘hot’ going down!

    • Clara

      Oh that sounds amazing!! I’m feeling better now but I will definitely try that next time. Thanks so much!

  2. Cynthia Campbell

    The Best Reads of 2012 for me are nearly always cookbooks! I am working on the 50th Anniversary Edition of ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ by Julia Child, and of course, I read all of Ina’s wonderful books just like novels. I am going through stacks of recipe cards and slips of paper (all in Spanish!) trying to convert my Cuban grandmother’s notes and recipes into a family cookbook. Everything we do either revolves around or involves cooking or eating!

  3. La Torontoise

    Clara, I wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year full of all those things that matter most to you!
    Reading your blog was much fun and made me reflect on all those small and big things we call happiness:-)
    All the best, and I look forward reading more stories in 2013.

    P.S. I’m headed now to France, for Christmas. Like yourself, i need some more time to sleep and just recharge my batteries before the festivities start..

    • Clara

      Can you fit me in your suitcase? Oh how I’d love to go to France for the holiday! Thank you so so much for reading CC, I love having you here! xx

  4. I’m with you, I’ve have enough cookies and sweets – I could definitely dig into that salad, I love kale!

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