Happy Friday! Did you guys catch the holiday baking feature I put together for the Everygirl? I made a gingerbread poundcake with peppermint frosting for their holiday week, which is chock full of great recipes, gift guides, and gorgeous outfit ideas from some of my fave ladies from around the web. This cake is such a show stopper, but really simple to make. Definitely worthy of a holiday f├ęte! Head on over to their site to snag the recipe and lots more holiday inspiration.

Earlier this week I was feeling really bogged down by stress and a couple of big looming projects. I was flooded with these feelings of- “I can’t get it all done fast enough.” Those feelings relate less to my day to day work, and more so to my career and feeling like I can’t get all the major things done as fast as I’d like. But when all of that stress came to a head mid-week, a close friend reminded me that really anything big in our lives or careers is made up of a lot of small steps. Instead of thinking about how am I going to get this whole massive thing done, focus on the first steps to accomplishing something, and recognize that’s just part of the process. And along those same lines, remember that we should look to others for inspiration, but we can’t put ourselves on their timeline.

So with that I wish you all a wonderful weekend! I’ve got a few more holiday-esque shoots I’ll be working on to share with you in the coming weeks. Stay warm! xx

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