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Have you started holiday shopping yet? Dare I ask if anyone is already done? I think finding the perfect gift can definitely be on the challenging side. It’s hard to find the right balance between something slightly luxurious, yet still practical. For my picks this week, I’ve tried to include a mix of things that I would use or admire, and that are beautifully designed. On the practical side, I know the Plenty cookbook is something that would get a lot of use, and the teakettle is something I would look forward to using each day. That adorable frenchie actually has a hidden practicality- it’s a stamp! I couldn’t resist adding in two pieces (13 & 14) by a new to me artist- Piero Fornasetti. Which items are your favorites?

  1. Those J.Crew flats are gorgeous…. will need to check them out! :)

  2. I think the Plenty cookbook just made its way onto my own X-Mas list, Clara! Also, the bracelet is gorgeous! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. There are so many pretty picks here, I don’t know what to add to my wish list first!

    The Glossy Life

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