We’re taking a little break from Setting the Table this week as Sarah’s in New Jersey and her access to internet has been spotty. She’ll be back next week though!

So this past weekend I did something major. I went through every single piece of clothing I own. Yep- all of it. As a frequent purger, this isn’t as daunting as it sounds, but it was the first time I’d ever done all my clothes and accessories (ok minus jewelry, underwear, and shoes) at one time.

Why did I do it? Normally I feel the need to review and purge when I sense my closet is overrun with things I never wear, but this time was different. For the past few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to wear, but I didn’t want to go shopping because I had no idea what I actually needed to construct better outfits. Everyday I gravitated towards the same black leggings and cotton teas, and life was getting real boring. I’d look longingly at some of my favorite pieces but feel totally uninspired to wear it. I needed to take stock! I needed to review, purge, and organize to see what I had, see what I needed, and reenergize my wardrobe. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: I picked a Saturday I had little going on and set aside a couple hours to conduct the closet review. The week leading up to the review I made sure the majority of my laundry was done so I was working with as much of my clothing as possible.

Step 2: The morning of I set aside my bedroom as the review zone. I made the bed first and made sure the room was completely tidy before I started pulling out clothes. Things are gonna get a little chaotic, so make you start with a clean slate! I also downloaded some podcasts and had Spotify going to keep me energized throughout the process.

Step 3: Next I began to pull out clothing. I re-folded things as I went along and organized types of clothing like tops, lounge wear, workout clothes, scarves,  and so on into piles. I created two sections at one side of the bed- one for items to donate, and one for seasonal items to move back into storage. Those went in the storage bin pictured above. When getting rid of things I was conscious of pieces that I never wear anymore, but also things that were just plain worn out- like faded black tops or white shirts with yellow stains (you know what I’m talking about!). Also, apologies for the blatant view of my underwear.

Step 4: Once I had everything  laid out on the bed and the seasonal items stowed away, I began the process of putting things back. I shifted some things around in my closet so like items were placed together and less utilized pieces (like my JCrew checkered Christmas top) were not taking up prime space for more heavily utilized pieces.

Step 5: Once the whole process was done, I definitely had a renewed love of my wardrobe! There were lots of pieces I completely forgot I had, and fun accessories I was eager to work into outfits again. And the best part, I didn’t need to do any major shopping! Instead the process  made me really want to get creative with what I already owned. So! As a challenge to myself to be more creative with my wardrobe for the month of November I’ll be sharing my daily outfit on Instagram. I realize fashion bloggers do this everyday, but this is a serious undertaking for me. But I’m excited to get started! My username name on instragram is “channelingcontessa”– you can follow along there. Here’s to a very well dressed November!

Have you ever overhauled your entire closet? Any tips on purging or letting things go?


  1. Cool, I am doing the same challenge for the rest of the year. I started work yesterday and decided instead of going shopping and buying everything and anything, I will shop my closet. I went through what I had and realized I had a lot to work with. I added a caveat though since I have not gone to work in almost two years…I might have to buy a few pants, blazer and work appropriate shoes…If I do, I will share.

    Excited to follow you…I am sharing my journey on my instagram too @jostwrite

    • Clara

      Wonderful! Just started following you :).

  2. You mean, you don’t still have clothes left over from middle/high school? That’s not normal?

  3. I’ve done this before- and definitely need to again! It’s funny I was just writing about this today, as I feel like I need to do this in so many areas of my life!

  4. I so need to do this. I love that it helped you feel a renewed sense of inspiration and love for your current wardrobe! I always say “I have nothing to wear” when really, I have a closet stuffed to the gills! I’m definitely going to try to do my own overhaul in the next few weeks. And as you say, it’s a great way to figure out what kinds of items might be missing and worth purchasing to round out what I have. Can’t wait to see your daily outfits!

  5. I totally need to do this! I’ve done it in small bits–a drawer here or there–but never a full overhaul. You’ve inspired me!

    The Glossy Life

  6. I LOVE doing this. I actually do it every six months – if it hasn’t been worn or thought of, it is tossed. I also do it with kitchen items; it is amazing how many things you really do not use in the kitchen. When I buy a new cookbook, I have to get rid of one. We are actually going to tackle Lenny’s closet, soon, as he still have things from college hanging in there! I think it feels so liberating!!

    • Clara

      Wow-how on earth did you get him on board??? I would love to get Brandon to do that but it is sooo hard to motivate, plus I think he fears I’ll throw everything away.. which I might.

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