Well guys, it’s my birthday! And it seems incredibly fitting that my next Biz Notes post falls on this day, as it was really right around the time of my birthday last year that I began seriously toying with the idea of starting my own business. I really can’t believe it’s almost been a year. It hardly feels that way, mostly because I still have so much more to learn, and my world feels like it’s constantly evolving. But truthfully, that’s a really awesome thing. One of the biggest joys of being out on my own has been that I’m constantly challenged and constantly learning. Of course some days that’s the toughest part, too, but when I step back and really take in how far I’ve come because of those challenges- it.feels.awesome.

That said, I’ve got big goals on my mind, and lots of ground I want to cover in my 27th year. But the mantra that keeps rattling around in my head in order to accomplish those goals is to really be brave. Even more brave and bold and gutsy than I’ve been in this last year. As brave as I can be (or it seems I’m being) on the blog, there are areas of my work (and life for that matter) where I hold back and am pretty timid. I have a few shy bones in my body. I’m also not the best at truly owning my strengths and skills, and a lot of those tendencies have really been put into perspective recently. So my challenge to myself this year is to work through those barriers and feelings of apprehension, and work to make sure the structure and services within my business leverages all my true skills. That is going to involve introducing some new service areas (more to come on that!)- a very exciting but also intimidating shift.  But my plan is to lead with bravery and keep reminding myself that if something makes me apprehensive, that feeling should make me run towards that next step, rather than away from it.

Ps: Do you have a Biz Notes-esque topic area you’d like me to cover? Any specific work related questions? I get the most gratification out of these posts when I know they’re actually helpful for my readers- so definitely leave me a note in the comments or shoot me an email if you’ve got a topic in mind!

Cake by the incredible Sweetapolita

  1. linda (contreras) delaney

    Hi Clara,

    First and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    While I rarely respond to your posts I truly enjoy reading them daily so thank you for for honesty, suggestions, humor, and great cooking tips.

    Future topics: I would love to see a topic discussing the planner/client relationship.

    Jim and recently married (like 3 weeks ago!!!). I hired a wedding planner 14 months prior to our wedding date. My experience with my planner was quite challenging and while I cannot change my outcome I would certainly like to spare future brides of what turned out to be a most unpleasant exerience.

    Looking back, I ask myself how could I have better communicated with her and what more should I have done to make it clear to her we were not on the same page. And finally what was my recourse? You obviously want to get along with your planner seeing as how your wedding kind of depends on it, espcially when it is a destination wedding as was the case with us.

    All in all we had a fabulous weekend but it was truly the support of our family and friends that made our weekend one we will never forget.

    I can share specific details by email or phone if you would like.

    Hope you have a great birthday day and even better year!
    Cheers! Linda

  2. Happy Birthday Clara…have a great day celebrating and a wonderful year ahead…
    God bless…

  3. Happy Birthday Clara! I’m not sure if you’ve covered this already, but I’d love to read more about the more technical process of how you established your business – i.e what you need to do to set your company up as an llc, did you talk to lawyers or accountants, going about taxes – the less glamourous side, basically! I’ve always thought about establishing a freelance biz myself in the future but have NO idea as to how to approach it.

    • Clara

      Hi Lisa! HAPPY to cover that topic. Yes, it can definitely be daunting and I can definitely share all I learned from my experience. Stayed tuned for that!

  4. Happy Birthday!! I turned 27 a couple of weeks ago :) You’re doing a great job, I’ve really enjoyed reading you daily. Just to comment on bravery, I find that blogging is tricky. There are so many fine lines- how much do I share about how I feel/ my personal life/ how do I not sound like a narcissus, and the list goes on…. I guess it’s mostly a matter of letting your personality shine (“finding your voice”). But, yes–I’ll be braver with you!!

    • Clara

      Jamie- I can totally relate, blogging requires such balance. The thing I always have to remind myself is that it takes time- it takes time to figure out what that balance means to you, what you want your blog to be, and how to find your voice. That said, I’m mostly able to be patient about that stuff- but not all the time!

  5. Sharon Masuda

    Happy Happy Birthday Clara! LOVE your blog :) Like a lot!

  6. Happy birthday Clara! You share a birthday with my BFF! :)
    Hope you have an amazing day, and an incredible year ahead!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Clara! I hope the year ahead is filled with cake and happiness for you. And thank you so much for the shout-out. xo

  8. Kathy

    Happy Birthday, Clara! You’re a beautiful, intelligent, strong, sweet, fun and funny woman and I believe you are capable of anything! It was great to have an opportunity to spend time with you when Eva was here and I hope we won’t be strangers. I’ve be following your blog and marvel at your energy. Ah, to be young again.
    Best of wishes to you1 Kathy

  9. Happy Happy Birthday! Hoping it has been wildly delicious! I love this cake, by the way. Very sweet!

  10. La Torontoise

    Clara, belated happy birthday! Wish you see your dreams come true in the years ahead.
    Much inspiration in what you are doing!
    Love the cake.
    I was travelling in the past days with limitted internet access.
    All the best, Maya

  11. La Torontoise

    Clara, I now read your PS note, will think of topics and let you know. This sounds so considerate to me (the attempt as a blogger to align your writing to your readers). I’m a writer of scientific papers and it’s been my experience that very few people in my circle actually think of this…
    Take care.

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