Hello, all! As I mentioned last week, there are a few changes going on behind the scenes at Channeling Contessa, and I’m so excited to announce the first one today! Please give a very warm welcome to Sarah, the first ever CC contributor!  Each week she’ll be leading the series “Setting the Table”, which features gorgeous tablescapes and food, and all the details on how you can build the look and prepare the food to go with at home. Take it away, Sarah!

Hello lovely readers! I am so excited to be working with Clara on this new series, Setting the Table, that will be appearing every Tuesday. Interiors, design, and food are things that I truly love, and find incredibly inspiring. Table settings are such an important visual component that combine all of those aspects, and when done well, can turn any great meal into an unforgettable experience.

Here in the Northeast, strawberry season is in full swing thanks to all the lovely weather we’ve had in recent weeks. This definitely calls for celebration, as strawberries aren’t just delicious and pretty to look at, but they signify that summer is officially here. With their deep red hue, they make a perfect centerpiece when paired with fresh white flowers. I personally love picking whatever flowers I can find around my yard, which in this case, would keep things simple and natural.

If you let them, strawberries can easily find their way into every course of your meal. To start, strawberry sangria serves as beautiful centerpiece as well as a refreshing beverage. Strawberries work surprisingly well in savory applications, such as Strawberry Balsamic Flatbread and Strawberry Arugula Salad with grilled chicken. Of course, dessert is the easy part, in which you can showcase the simplicity of strawberries in homemade ice cream. Here are a handful of items to help you make the most of the season:

Table setting, 1. Strawberry Plate, 2. Colander, 3. Chair, 4. Glass, 5. Pitcher, 6. Napkins

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