Folks, can we start a countdown? You see, three weeks ago today, Brandon left for a month long travel extravaganza. The month apart seemed a bit daunting but  I can’t say I wasn’t a little excited about having the apartment all to myself. For weeks I’ve been sleeping like a queen in a king bed, subsisting on massive salads for dinner, and blasting all the terrible music I want. It’s been fun. But now, 3 weeks in, I’m done! I am counting down the days til his plane lands on Sunday night and our life can go back to “normal”.

In the mean time, I’ve been thinking up ways to use the leftover roasted strawberry purée that I made for this strawberry ice cream. My favorite way, and perhaps the easiest, is folding it into Greek yogurt. I’ve never really liked the fruit based yogurts you buy in store, the texture always rubs me the wrong way. But I love the effect the strawberry purée has on the yogurt. It’s fresh and smooth and adds just a touch of sweetness without being overwhelming. I layered the strawberry yogurt, plain Greek yogurt, and a few sliced strawberries to make these simple yogurt parfaits. I love the way it makes the light pink hue of the yogurt stand out. You could also add in granola, or make a purée with a variety of other fruits. Peaches and raspberries are up next on my list!

“Homemade” Strawberry Yogurt

Make the strawberry purée. Once chilled, fold a few tablespoons per cup into the the Greek yogurt. The more you add, the darker and sweeter it will be. To make the parfaits, begin by lining the bottom of a glass or mason jar with thinly sliced strawberries.  Fill two ziploc bags with plain and strawberry flavored Greek yogurt. Snip off a small corner of each bag and squeeze the yogurt into the jars, alternating between layers and plain and strawberry yogurt. To finish place a few additional berries on top.


  1. This is a great simple recipe. I recently had to doctor plain greek yogurt with strawberries and it made a world of difference so I’m sure this is delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those parfaits look delicious! I need to start making some take-to-work breakfasts and this would be perfect!

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