Hello! And happy Monday. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was great. My mom and I started cooking on Tuesday and pretty much worked straight through til’ Thursday. I love the tradition of cooking together and each year it gets better and better with new dishes and more strategic planning!

Since you’re all probably very tired of eating or hearing about pumpkin pie, I decided to share our “other” Thanksgiving dessert with you today.  We always have a second dessert to accompany the pumpkin pie. In my mind, chocolate pairs best with pumpkin so I was in need of a decadent chocolate dessert.

I don’t read a lot of food magazines, but I do read a lot of food blogs. So when a picture of a dish gets seared in my memory, it’s usually from one of my favorite blogs. I had this image in my head of a sweet and salty brownie from Dana’s blog (Dana Treat) from months ago. I couldn’t even place when I read it, but I could still recall the description of this amazing brownie and knew instantly that’s what we needed to make.

This is not your typical brownie. You may have guessed that from the title but what I didn’t tell you is that this brownie also includes a thin layer of fleur de sel caramel melted into the center making it the most incredible brownie I’ve ever tasted.  If you are a fudgey brownie lover, you will die and go to brownie heaven. Words can’t do justice to how good this baked good is, so you should probably just make it.

Sweet and Salty Brownies from Baked Explorations/ Dana Treat

When trying a new baked good, I always follow the recipe exactly. So that’s what I did in this situation.  Instead of rewriting the entire recipe I urge you to head over the Dana’s blog to not only read about these brownies but to check out all the other amazing recipes she has.  I’ll admit, this is not the simplest of brownie recipes, so I’ve listed a few tips based on my experience. Don’t be deterred those, these are well worth the effort!

  • When stirring the sour cream into the caramel, be sure to use a whisk so it doesn’t clump.
  • Before stirring the eggs into the chocolate, make sure the chocolate is truly room temp.
  • When stirring the flour into the chocolate the mixture will feel clumpy- that’s ok, keep going.
  • I found it difficult to keep the caramel from spreading to the sides of the pan.  The original recipe mentioned this would cause it to burn, but I didn’t experience that.
  • These are great made a day ahead, which makes them perfect for entertaining!  Let them cool completely, then store in the fridge if serving the next day.  If they’re cold, they’re much easier to cut.  Cut them and then let them come to room temp before serving.
  1. Oh my word, these look incredible! Fudge-y brownies are where it’s at, so I will definitely be making these. And how darn convenient is it that I just purchased some fleur de sel at the market this past weekend? :)

    • So convenient! You must must make them, you’ll be in heaven.

  2. Clara, I’m so glad you like those brownies. I’m really more of a savory person, but I cannot be trusted around salted caramel and chocolate together. This is the best brownie I’ve ever had. Good tips! My caramel went to the edges too and it didn’t burn.

    • Good to know about your caramel! As I was making it all i could think was, how did Dana make it not spread?!?! My whole family loved this recipe, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  3. These look amazingly wonderful. So many of my favorite things all together! Thank you for sharing the recipe link and for the tips as well!

  4. Brandon

    These are the best brownies I’ve ever had. Amazing!

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